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Best 4 Volunteer Management Software Solutions


Today, more than 50 million volunteers are working for various social causes to create a positive change in society serving over 10 million NGOs worldwide. Volunteers are the backbone of a philanthropic community, a charity, an organization, or a social service agency. Volunteer work requires firm coordination among the volunteers for managing the resources effectively. To optimize the outcome of the value of the organization, it is mandatory to engage and implement tools and techniques provided by volunteer management software solutions. The software empowers organizations and it provides data and analytics which helps in making the right decisions according to needs to increase productivity. There’s a massive demand for volunteer management software solutions in the market because it assists organizations in multiple ways such as selection of the right candidates, frequent supervision on the assigned activities, information of working hours, it helps in measuring achievements and forecasting future requirements and amendments. Here, in this article, we have discussed the Best 4 Volunteer Management Software solutions that benefit NGOs and non-profit organizations in scheduling activities for the volunteers, reporting & analytics feature in providing data to make better judgments and decisions.


VolunteerMark is an empowering volunteer management software designed for nonprofit organizations which offer tools like recruiting, scheduling, activity tracking, working hours tracking, and more. Various organizations are supported, including educational institutes, zoos, libraries, museums, healthcare, and more.

The features incorporated in the software are Activity Dashboard, Activity Tracking, Alerts & Notifications, Assignment Management, Attendance Management, Attendance Tracking, Automated Scheduling, Calendar Management, Communication Management, Contact Management, Customizable Fields, Customizable Forms, Customizable Reports, Data Import & Export, Email Management, Email Reminders, Event Calendar, Event Management, Event Scheduling, Real-Time Analytics, Reporting & Statistics, Search & Filter, Self Service Portal, Third-Party Integrations, and the list goes on.

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Timecounts is another powerful volunteer management software that provides access and amazing features for organizations in automating the processes and making the most out of the assigned tasks and activities. Application forms can be generated conveniently with simple drag and drop while maintaining the relationship data and centralizing directly to contact profile cards.

The features included are as follows Activity Tracking, Assignment Management, Attendance Management, Attendance Tracking, Automated Scheduling, Calendar Management, Contact Management, Email Alerts, Email Management, Event Calendar, Event Management, Real-Time Data, Recognition Management, Recruitment Management, Reporting & Statistics, Self Service Portal, Social Media Integration, Summary Reports, and much more.

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Volgistics is software for managing volunteer work with a user-friendly interface that assists in managing the past, present, and future volunteers and their coordinators. Organizations can easily monitor and keep track of volunteers’ sign-in & sign-out timings and their working hours, it helps in scheduling and assigning activities as well. Automated alerts are generated and broadcast in case of changes in the schedules.

This software consists of empowering features such as Event Scheduling, Historical Reporting, Mobile Access, Multiple User Accounts, Recognition Management, Recruitment Management, Registration Management, Reporting & Statistics, Scheduled & Automated Reports, Skills Tracking, Summary Reports, Task Scheduling, Timesheet Management, Volunteer Recruiting, Activity Tracking, and more.

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In it Live

InitLive is a staff and volunteer management software that allows the users to efficiently manage teams despite the size. It allows the users to self-scheduling, copy shifts, export data, and more. The software provides real-time data, analytics, working hours, and communication tools that enhance speed and convenience.

The software contains fascinating features such as Event Scheduling, Member Directory, Membership Management, Mobile Access, Real-Time Notifications, Real-Time Reporting, Real-time Updates, Recognition Management, Registration Management, Reporting & Analytics, SMS Messaging, Scheduling, Search & Filter, Self Service Portal, Social Media Integration, Social Promotion, Staff Scheduling, Summary Reports, Volunteer Management, Volunteer Recruiting, and the list goes on.

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Closing Remarks

In this article, we have mentioned the 4 best volunteer management software solutions that are VolunteerMark, TimeCounts, Volgistics, and In it Live respectively. These empowering software solutions have helped numerous organizations and institutes to manage and align their entire volunteer work which possesses super-intuitive features helping in tracking working hours, monitoring volunteers’ activities, progress, helps in scheduling, and even messages broadcasting in case of any changes in plans. It is considered a valuable asset to such non-profit organizations and NGOs that represents a positive image of a society, or a country for its betterment.

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