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The Best 4 PDF Software Solutions


Documents of businesses and organizations always need to be secured and stored safely. Companies at all times store their records in the form of file formats. One must be acquainted and well-equipped with PDF (Portable Document Format) that serve as a preservation format for digital records. It was initially launched by Adobe systems to exchange digital files back in ’93. The PDF files still maintain the characteristic of mobility in true essence which enables users to have access to these file formats on a vast range of platforms and operating systems. It has undoubtedly, become a crucial part of the digital universe. For any valuable document, it is still considered to be a standard digital format. It becomes convenient for the users as it can be used at the home, office, or even on the go. There is a large variety of intuitive features within PDF software solutions that assists in viewing, creating, and file merging in PDF format. It also could safely and securely be shared with other users by keeping the content intact. Businesses invest in these software and tools because it helps them in resulting in creating watermarks for their content, it provides them access to e-books, comprises collaboration tools that help the team members working on the same project and editing. Highly confidential and sensitive files can also be secured with password protection from guarding them against being edited or altered. Here in this article, we have discussed the best 4 PDF Software Solutions that empower businesses and companies in securing their documents, files and managing them with extensive care.

PDFSam Basic

PDFSam Basic is a free PDF editor software that assists users in signing, merging, and entirely editing PDF files and documents. This software is the appropriate solution for professional users. It enables the user to extract pages, rotate files, split, and mix along with keeping them private on a personal computer.

This software consists of amazing features such as Merges PDF files, Extract pages from PDF files, Rotate PDF files, Annotations, Convert to PDF, Content Editing, Digital signature, Encryption, PDF Reader, Watermarking, Merge & Append, insert pages or hyperlinks, Create fillable forms, Optical Character Recognition module (OCR), Protects PDF files, Combine and reorder, Crop, split and delete, and much more.

Start for Free now by downloading https://pdfsam.org/downloads/

Apache Open Office

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Apache OpenOffice is yet another powerful PDF software that assists not even the business sector but educational institutes, public sectors, and other business segments as well. It helps businesses and the workforce of organizations to have complete editing options and features that speed up the process while working on projects being displayed in PDF files and in addition helps in creating engaging presentations with visuals and graphics to persuade customers with a deeper meaning.

The features incorporated in this software are as follows Customizable Templates, Customization feature, Data Import & Data Export, Document Generation, Extensive Office Suite features, Statistics and Reporting, Organizational Charting, Third-Party Integrations capabilities, Document Management, Data Visualization, Database Creation, Design Management and much more.

Start now by downloading from https://www.openoffice.org/download/index.html


PDFTron is a complete PDF software tool in the market. It guides deeply in bringing accuracy and reliability in one’s digital content of any complexity and size. Assisting in complete authority and access to viewing, annotating, creation, editing to any server framework or application.

This software comprises of features such as Collaboration Tools, Compliance Tracking, Convert to PDF feature, Digital Signature, Document Capture, Document Classification, Document Generation, Document Storage, Electronic Signature, Encryption, File Conversion, File Recovery, File Sharing, Full-Text Search, Merge/Append Files, Offline Access, Optical Character Recognition, PDF Reader ability, and much more.

Start now by downloading from https://www.pdftron.com/download-center/web/

Libre Office

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LibreOffice is a fascinating software with a complete suite of applications specially designed for businesses, government sectors, and organizations to create, edit, manage files, documents, spreadsheets, graphs, presentations, PDF editing, and much more. One of its features of autocorrect comes in handy while going through a document.

This software consists of numerous features such as Access Controls & Permissions, Collaboration Tools, Data Import & Export, Document Capture, Document Classification, Document Generation, Document Management, Document Storage ability, Document Templates, File Conversion, API capability, File Management, File Sharing, Full-Text Search, Image Editing, Multi-Language, Presentation Tools, Text Editing feature, and much more.

Start now by downloading from https://www.libreoffice.org/download/download/

Closing Remarks

Here in this article, we have mentioned the best 4 PDF Software Solution that has helped businesses, companies, government sectors in having entire access to create, edit, manage PDF files and documents along with having a password protection facility in case of highly confidential or sensitive information. The discussed platforms are PDFSam Basic, Apache Open Office, PDFTron, and Libre Office respectively. The mentioned tools conveniently keep teams and workforce engaged while working in the same PDF files which could be altered and changed according to one’s requirements without any hassle.

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