How to Install FromScratch on Debian 11 Desktop



Now it is possible to use markdown to keep taking your notes. I am introducing a note-taking application powered by the Electron Framework, FromScratch, for busy system admins. FromScratch has an excellent user interface and provides an advanced user experience. It is not only lightweight but also exceptional in performance.

I shall install it on Debian 11 desktop edition. I am also using the LXQT desktop environment on top of Debian 11 edition. You can choose to run any desktop environment. The most important thing to consider is that you can run graphical applications with no issues.

Dependency Requirements For FromScratch

To install FromScratch, you do not need to satisfy any dependencies. FromScratch comes as a standalone binary file and works flawlessly. In some cases, like a minimal installation of Debian, you might need to gconf2 before you proceed to the full installation of FromScratch

Step 1. Installing FromScratch on Debian 11

To install FromScratch, we need to download it from the main website. FromScratch is not available in Debian 11 repositories. Therefore, the best and only option is to install it using the dpkg package manager. It is the default package manager of all Debian and dependent distributions. Depending on your needs, you may run the following command to update the system.

$ sudo apt update

When the update had finished, you would run the following command to begin the process as shown below.

$ sudo dpkg -i fromscratch*.deb

Step 2. Verify FromScratch Installation

We have now installed FromScratch successfully, and it is available in Debian’s LXQT dashboard. You can simply find it using the system search, and it is always located in the Accessories folder. FromScratch does not work in the command-line interface, so there is no way to make it run from the CLI. Once verified we can launch it without any issue.

Step 3. Launch FromScratch on Debian 11 Desktop

You can launch FromScratch using your system dashboard. You can locate it in the accessories folder under the start menu. This is what the FromScratch looks like when it runs for the first time.

Step 4. Uninstalling FromScratch on Debian 11

Although we did not use Debian repositories to install the FromScratch package, we can still use the apt command to remove it from our system. You will simply run the following command and it will be gone.

$ sudo apt remove fromscratch


We used the .deb package of FromScratch to install, run, and remove it on Debian 11 Linux system. I hope it enhances your productivity.

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