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What CPU do I Have in Linux?

It is relatively difficult to memorize the make and model of your CPU. However, Linux resolves this issue by providing you with the ways through which you can check this information as per your needs, on the go. In this guide, we will be talking about the ways in which you can figure out the CPU that you are using while working with Linux.

Methods of Checking Your CPU in Linux

For quickly finding out the CPU that you have, you can use either of the following two methods:

Method # 1: Using the CPUINFO File

In this method, we will use the CPUINFO file of the Linux system to list all the relevant CPU information on the terminal. The exact command for doing this is stated below:

$ less /proc/cpuinfo

The CPU that we are currently using has been highlighted in the following image:

Method # 2: Using the LSCPU Command

In this method, we will use the LSCPU command for listing the CPU information from where we will extract the model of the CPU that we are using. This command can be used in the manner shown below:

$ lscpu

The model of the CPU that we are using currently is highlighted in the image that follows:


In this guide, we shared with you two different methods of finding out the CPU that you have in Linux. Now, you can easily use any of these methods according to your choice for extracting this information as well as other relevant information about your CPU.

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