How to Install Basket on Manjaro Rolling Edition



In modern times, remote working and learning became quite essential in addition to regular work and at school. I see many new experiences as well as changes in the way everybody does things. Here I introduce you to one of them and it is about note-taking. Each system has some kind of note-taking software preinstalled. Before I discussed Mousepad, and now it is all about Basket.

Unfortunately, all of them do not meet the needs of all the users. Hence, the user might find this a very lucrative and excellent note-taking tool. We will make the Basket install on Manjaro Rolling Edition. I always recommend installing applications from Arch Linux PPAs or repositories.

Basket Dependency Requirements For Manjaro

The Basket does not require any dependencies. It is a single installer package and does not have any special libraries.

Step 1. Installing Basket using Manjaro Linux Repositories

We talked previously, the only way to make Basket install is the use of Manjaro Rolling repositories. Arch Linux PPAs have lots of issues and have the potential to break the Manjaro environment. We will make the Basket installation process quite simpler. Here update the operating system first.

$ sudo pacman -Syu

Now the distribution is up to date. It is ready to install the available application. Now I am going to use the given command to begin the installation of Basket.

$ sudo pacman -S basket

Now the repositories are pulled, the command given in the screenshot will install Basket in the blink of an eye.

Step 2. Cross verify the Installation

The package of our very own Basket is now successfully installed. Now we want access to the package. It is important to make sure that we can fully verify using both the command line and the GUI. We often use the following command to make any sort of version verification Basket on Manjaro Rolling.

$ basket --version

Step 3. Launching BasKet on Manjaro Rolling

The Basket application is available on both the graphical user interface and the command line I am using XFCE on top of Manjaro’s Rolling installation. You can check your dashboard and use the mouse to launch Basket. You can see the screenshot below.

The Basket startup screen will be as below:

Step 4. Removing BasKet on Manjaro Rolling

As you remember, I used Manjaro’s Rolling repositories, so I am using simple pacman command to get rid of it.

$ sudo pacman -Rs basket


The guide showed us how to install, launch, and remove Basket on a Manjaro Rolling system. I hope you enjoy using Basket. I worked through all the steps for Basket.

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