How to Install Google Chrome on Manjaro Linux


What is Google Chrome?

Google is a popular, widely used, cross platform browser. As the name indicates, it was developed by Google. Chrome has a clean design and a focus on user-friendliness. It also employs security tools to protect the user data and identities. Chrome can be downloaded on all operating systems.

In today’s document, we will go through the installation process of Google Chrome. We will use Manjaro Linux 20 as the operating system. Manjaro Linux is a smooth-running, reliable and efficient distribution of Linux family. It is free and open source.

The installation process will take place using the command line where we will run a few easy-to-follow commands to install the browser.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Installation Guide:

These are the steps involved in installing Google Chrome on Manjaro Linux machine:

Step 1: Enable access to git and base level group

To proceed with the installation process, you first have to make sure that you have access to git and base level group. The base level group holds the tools that are required for building and compiling packages.

To get access to git and base level group, we will use the following command:

sudo pacman -S --needed base-devel git

Step 2: Install yay

Next, we will clone the git repository of yay by running the command mentioned below:

git clone

Step 3: Go to yay-git

Once the repo is successfully cloned, go to the yay-git directory by following the command below:

cd yay-git

Step 4: Compile and build yay package

Now you are inside the yay-git directory. Here we will compile and build the yay package by following this command:

makepkg -si

Step 5: Install Google Chrome

Now finally we can install the google chrome browser on our system. To do that run the following command:

yay -S google-chrome

Once you have entered the command, you will be prompted to choose one of the three Google Chrome builds to install on your system:

google-chrome (Enter 1 for stable version)

google-chrome-beta (Enter 2 for this release)

google-chrome-dev (Enter 3 for dev version)

We will move on with the default version.

The installation will take about 5 to 10 minutes, depending on your internet connection and system performance.

Step 6: Verify Installation

Once the installation is completed, the next step is to verify the installation. To do that, check if the application you just installed exists now on your system or not. Go to the start screen, the browser will appear there if the installation was successful.

If you have reached this far without any trouble, congrats, you have successfully installed the Google Chrome browser on your Manjaro Linux machine. Now you can set it up, customize it according to your needs and start browsing the internet. Enjoy!

How to uninstall Google Chrome from Manjaro

Now that we have explored in detail how to install Google Chrome on Manjaro Linux 20, let’s also have a look at how to remove the application from the machine. To uninstall the browser, all we need is a one-line simple command and it will remove the browser in a minute from our system. So easy, right?

This is the command:

yay -R google-chrome

In today’s guide, we showed you how to install Google Chrome on Manjaro Linux 20. We also looked at how to remove the browser from our machine in case it is no longer needed.

We hope you enjoyed the article and found it fruitful.

To see how you can install Google Chrome on Manjaro Linux 20 using Graphic User Interface (GUI), check out this link:

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