How to Install SMTube Player on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Edition



If you want to browse and watch YouTube without scarifying your privacy then you are on right page to find out an amazing piece of software. Many of the Linux users use various distributions for their privacy needs. Therefore, we are going to introduce you an amazing package that will help you get things done for you.

SMTube is a wonderful piece of software that helps you to browse YouTube videos without visiting the website. It helps you to keep your privacy and fetch the required videos for you within SMTube player. I am using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS edition to install the software. All the instructions apply to Ubuntu distribution only.

SMTube Prerequisites

No prerequistes are required to install before proceeding.

Step 1. Install SMTube Player on Ubuntu

To install the player, you will need to fetch the PPA repository first because the required packages are not available in standard Ubuntu repositories. Given instructions will help you to install the related Ubuntu PPA. After that PPA, the installation process is as easy as always.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rvm/smplayer
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install smtube

You will confirm to add a PPA first. After that, you will enter your password and it will be all okay from there.

Step 2. Confirm the SMTube Player Installation

After installation, it is always good to find out if the software is installed properly.

$ smtube --version

This will return the following message and will confirm that the package is fully installed.

Now we will work to check the installation via the dashboard. Try to search using the software name and it will show up in the dashboard.

Step 4. Launch SMTube Player

As we have now located the software, it is ready to be launched.

Step 5. Uninstall SMTube From Ubuntu 22.04

After installation and launching, we need to learn one more thing and it is uninstalling the software. I am going to show you how easy it is to uninstall the SMTube player. Simply run the following command and the package will be uninstalled.

$ sudo apt remove smtube

Once confirmed, all the packages will be removed.


In this guide, we learned how to perform the installation and removal of the SMTube player. It is a fantastic piece of package that is a true companion for online privacy seekers.

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