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If you have a passion of creating an easy to understand awesome technical articles about Ubuntu, Debian, Mint and CentOS then we are looking for you.


Technical Writer


Writing quality Linux how-tos and tutorials for sysadmin community


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2 – 3 years Linux and technical writing experience

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  1. I just followed your article debian_nfs_server. I used to know this process 20 years ago. It reminded me and guided me through and it worked a treat. Thank you.

    I found a very small sticking point dealing with with ufw. Your command ‘sudo ufw status’ gave me the feedback ‘inactive’ with no instruction of the next thing to do in that event. I activated netfilter and then received the answer you showed in your article. Maybe a hint at that point would be very helpful.

    thanks for a great article – clear and concise

    1. Hi Stuart,
      The reason for receiving the “inactive” status is the disabled firewall. You can enable the firewall using the “sudo ufw enable” command.

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