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What is special about EndeavourOS?

What is special about EndeavourOS

EndeavourOS is a highly versatile, terminal-centric distro based on Arch Linux. The beauty of it lies in its intuitive blend of simplicity and flexibility, allowing users to shape their operating system experience to fit their unique needs. It stands out among other Linux distributions due to its user-centric approach and the high degree of customization it offers. However, this isn’t all; EndeavourOS is distinguished by a plethora of unique features. Let’s delve into some of them.

About EndeavourOS

The origin of EndeavourOS can be traced back to the summer of 2019 as a successor to the now-discontinued Antergos project. It quickly made a name for itself in the Linux community by striking a balance between user-friendliness and the flexibility of Arch Linux.

Special Features

1: User-friendly Interface

One of the core tenets of this OS is its focus on user-friendliness. Unlike many other Arch-based distros, which can be daunting for newcomers, EndeavourOS is designed with an intuitive, welcoming interface. This helps even those who are relatively new to the Linux environment to easily navigate and use the system.

2: Rolling Release System

One key feature that sets EndeavourOS apart is its rolling release system. This means that the system updates continuously instead of releasing major updates at fixed intervals. Thus, you always have the latest versions of all your installed software without having to worry about reinstallations or migrations. This approach not only conserves time but also guarantees that your system consistently remains at the forefront of technology.

3: Access to Arch User Repository (AUR)

EndeavourOS provides direct access to the Arch User Repository (AUR), which is a community-driven repository for Arch users. The AUR is one of the largest software sources available in the Linux world. It houses thousands of packages, many of which are unavailable in the official Arch repositories. This greatly expands the range of software available for installation.

4: Customization options

EndeavourOS offers a wealth of customization options. From the desktop environment to the application themes and from system settings to user workflows, nearly every aspect of the system can be tailored to individual preferences. This makes EndeavourOS not just a Linux distro but a personalized computing platform.

5: Community Support

A vibrant and highly supportive community backs EndeavourOS. Whether you’re facing technical issues, seeking guidance, or just want to share your experiences, the EndeavourOS community is there to help. This thriving community is a testament to the collaborative spirit of the open-source world and contributes greatly to the overall user experience of EndeavourOS.

Why Choose EndeavourOS?

For Beginners

EndeavourOS offers an excellent platform for beginners who are just getting their feet wet in the world of Linux. It provides a user-friendly, intuitive environment along with the power and flexibility of the Arch ecosystem. This combination of ease of use and robustness makes it a perfect choice for those just starting their Linux journey.

For Advanced Users

For advanced users and Linux fans, EndeavourOS presents the raw power and flexibility of Arch Linux but without a steep learning curve. With its minimalist approach and a high degree of customization, it’s a perfect choice for users seeking a distro that gets out of their way and lets them shape their own unique computing environment.


EndeavourOS is an outstanding Linux distro that perfectly blends user-friendliness, flexibility, and robustness. With its rolling release system, easy access to the vast software library of the AUR, and countless customization options, it provides a fantastic user experience. Whether you’re a Linux beginner looking for an accessible entry point, or an advanced user desiring the flexibility and control of Arch Linux without the complexity, EndeavourOS is a compelling choice.

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