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Which Linux is Best for Graphics?

Which Linux is best for graphics

Graphics play a vital role in the modern digital world. From website design to video editing and animation, an eye-catching and easy-to-navigate interface is crucial for any digital content creator. Linux, owing to its vast array of distributions and open-source character, offers a multitude of choices catering to individual requirements and tastes. But of course, you would be wondering about which Linux is best for graphics. To end your search, let’s delve into some of the top Linux distributions we have in this regard.

Top Linux Distributions for Graphics

1: Solus

Solus is an independent Linux distribution that has been gaining popularity due to its simplicity, performance, and user-friendly interface. The Budgie desktop environment, crafted by the Solus team, delivers a sleek and contemporary workspace suitable for graphic designers.

Solus offers easy access to graphic design tools like GIMP, Inkscape, and Krita through its software centre, making it a great choice for artists and designers looking for a responsive and visually appealing Linux distribution.

2: ApricityOS

ApricityOS, although no longer maintained, was a beautiful Arch-based Linux distribution that focused on simplicity and elegance. It featured the GNOME desktop environment, which offered a sleek and modern interface for graphic designers.

ApricityOS came with a pre-installed set of graphic design tools, such as GIMP, Inkscape, and Darktable, and allowed users to access additional applications through the Arch User Repository (AUR). Despite its discontinued status, it remains an example of an aesthetically pleasing Linux distribution that catered to graphic designers.

3: Elementary OS

Elementary OS is a visually stunning Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. The unique Pantheon desktop environment highlights a clutter-free, minimalistic design, concentrating on user experience.

Although not specifically tailored for graphic design, Elementary OS provides access to a range of graphic tools, such as GIMP, Inkscape, and Krita, through its AppCenter. Its attention to detail and emphasis on aesthetics make it an attractive choice for designers and artists seeking a visually appealing and functional Linux distribution.

4: Arch Linux

Arch Linux is a streamlined, highly adaptable, and potent distribution aimed at experienced users who enjoy configuring their system from scratch. While it doesn’t come pre-installed with graphic design tools, the Arch User Repository (AUR) offers a vast selection of applications, including GIMP, Inkscape, and Blender, allowing users to create their ideal graphic design workstation.

5: Debian

Debian is a Linux distribution that is dependable, consistent, and safe. It acts as the base for numerous other distributions, such as Ubuntu. With access to a comprehensive software repository, Debian users can easily install graphic design tools such as GIMP, Inkscape, and Krita. Debian’s flexibility allows users to choose between various desktop environments, including GNOME, KDE Plasma, and Xfce, catering to different design workflows and preferences.

6: openSUSE

openSUSE is a versatile and stable Linux distribution that offers a wide range of graphic design tools through its official repositories. With the YaST package manager, users can easily install and manage applications like GIMP, Inkscape, and Krita. openSUSE features the KDE Plasma desktop environment, which is highly customizable and user-friendly, catering to the preferences of graphic designers.


Determining the best Linux distribution for graphics will depend on your unique needs and preferences. Solus, ApricityOS, openSUSE and all other OS discussed above have their merits, but personalizing your experience is key to unlocking the full potential of Linux.

Whichever distribution you ultimately choose, remember that the open-source nature of Linux allows for customization and exploration, enabling you to create a personalized workspace that caters to your specific needs. So, dive into the vibrant and diverse Linux ecosystem and discover the perfect platform to unleash your creativity.

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