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Best 5 Barcode Software Tools


Around three decades before the concept of barcode came into existence and since then it has evolved and has become an essential element in the world of technology which we encounter every other day while purchasing. It is vastly used in every sector whether that be education, healthcare sector, inventory management, government institutions, logistics, or retail. In a nutshell, a barcode is machine-readable information that could be characters, numbers, or maybe a combination of both that are stored and printed visually in the form of parallel bars along with spaces printed on a scannable surface. It becomes convenient for the sellers, buyers, and companies to keep track of their inventory as it provides that particular information as well. The business invests in such robust and highly intuitive barcode software tools that enable them to create, assign, print along manage different types of barcodes. It helps in reducing the overall effort of the workforce and minimizes human errors and it simultaneously increases the automation of repetitive tasks. To access the data or information stored on a particular product simply requires a barcode scanner to move over it. It becomes easy to track and manage inventory and stock as no two barcodes store similar information which aids in determining accurate records. Companies utilize the features associated with the barcode software as it helps them overcome the challenges such as inefficient product categorization, difficulty in tracking and maintaining logistics, lack of customization, poor data analytics, and so on. Here, in this article, we have discussed the best 5 barcode software tools that empower companies and businesses in eliminating product inventory errors, which further helps in saving cost, time, and guides in providing the best data analytics to understand and predict the trends on which they make the right decisions timely.

Scanbot SDK

Scanbot SDK is a powerful software specially designed to help and grow businesses in healthcare, accounting, insurance, banking, and several other industries that leverage machine learning algorithms to scan multiple types of barcodes, QR codes, documents, and more. It enables the users to crop images manually and apply numerous filters according to requirements and edit scanned files.

The fascinating features incorporated in this software are as follows Data Capture and Transfer, Data Extraction, Data Import & Export, Barcode & Ticket Scanning, PDF Convert feature, Batch Processing, Data Verification, ID Scanning, Image Pre-processing, Indexing, Metadata Extraction, Multi-Language option, Multiple Format Support, Multiple Output Formats, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Process & Workflow Automation, Text Editing, Zone Selection Tool, and the list go on.

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GroovePacker is yet another barcode software that is entirely designed to prevent errors while picking, packing, and shipping and provides a real-time update about warehouse inventory. It enables the workforce to ensure perfect accuracy once orders are placed by a consumer and the workers are guided accordingly to verify each item by scanning barcodes on products.

The salient and amazing features of this software are Barcode & Ticket Scanning, Barcode Printing, Data Import & Export, Inventory Control, Inventory Management, Label Printing, Order Processing, Order Tracking, Package Tracking, Parcel Shipping, Purchasing & Receiving, Quality Management, Shipment Tracking, Shipping Labels, Shipping Management, Third Party Integrations capabilities, Warehouse Management, eCommerce Management, and much more down the list.

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Mark Magic

Mark Magic is another market-competitive barcode software that helps in designing and printing barcode labels, electronic forms, radio frequency identification (RFID) tags in the absence of programming. It consists of a user-friendly and super-intuitive interface.

This software comprises of intuitive features such as Archiving & Retention, Asset Tracking, Barcode & Ticket Scanning, Barcoding & RFID, Collaboration Tools, Drag & Drop, Electronic Signature, File Storage, Forms Creation & Design, Full-Text Search, Inventory Management, Label Templates, Mobile Access, Process & Workflow Automation, Serial Number Tracking, Shipping Labels, Third-Party Integration capabilities, Version Control, and many more.

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Dynamsoft Barcode Reader

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader is an efficient software embedded with high-speed and reliable barcode reading functionality on desktop, mobile application, or web by just a few simple codes to meet business requirements.

The features incorporated in this software are as follows Asset Tracking, Barcode & Ticket Scanning, Inventory Management, Powerful and fast barcode decoding capabilities, Customizable and flexible tools, generates comprehensive barcode results, conveniently decode barcodes from images, PDFs, and even cameras, easily expands with multi-platform support, Rapid development with multiple languages and environment support, and much more.

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Wasp Barcode

Wasp Barcode is one of the most known and best barcode software. It provides solutions for asset management, time management, and especially barcode creation. The assigned teams or users conveniently customize their barcodes and print, edit and create through Excel and Word. Its use is applicable in manufacturing industries, retail, and healthcare by providing them efficient label printing services for warehouses and more according to need.

The features included in this software are Barcode Generation, Barcode Scanning, Custom Labels, Inventory Management, Label Printing, Label Templates, RFID Encoder, Serial Number Tracking, and much more.

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Closing Remarks

We have mentioned the best 5 barcode software tools in this article that empowers businesses and companies to speed up their processes and tasks with pure accuracy and efficiency by applying the features of barcode software solutions. The discussed tools are Scanbot SDK, GroovePacker, Mark Magic, Dynamsoft Barcode Reader, and Wasp Barcode respectively. The powerful features assist in generating barcodes for products that help companies in tracking, managing inventory, and viewing the data analytics of trends in making the best business decisions to boost sales and capture more customers and clients.

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