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Best 5 Free and Open-Source Productivity Software

Best 5 Free and Open-Source Productivity Software

The word “Productivity” has varied sets of definitions however, the closest one is that to examine the efficiency of production. As productivity measures the outputs of numerous projects, assignments, or tasks within a specific time. It is the ultimate element in any business for its growth and competitiveness. The productivity could be gauged of anything whether that be of an organization as a whole or individual basis. Businesses work on improving the actions to enhance the level of productivity which helps in boosting self-confidence on an individual basis, generating more creative ideas, and providing a higher engagement level. From a business perspective, the level of productivity always aids companies in achieving more by optimizing the available resources or investing in powerful software and tools that result in lowering human errors and employee burnout, and a lot more. The use of these superlative and intuitive tools also simplifies complex tasks to streamline. Productivity software can be acquired and implemented according to the use of businesses and their requirements, however, the most generic examples for using productivity software consist of spreadsheets applications, database management, and a lot more. It is beneficial to companies and businesses in many ways if fully utilized and optimized, for instance, it guides employees to collaborate being from different departments to be on the same page which helps in achieving daily tasks seamlessly, the confidential or crucial data always remains secure and doesn’t get leaked out. Similarly, the management can make timely decisions efficiently by prioritizing tasks. Team members feel fully equipped to be a part of the business or a company as they are aware of their desired data or document is stored in one place and it also gives employees leverage to work remotely and access to their data without any hassle or barriers. Here, in this article, we have discussed the 5 best free and open-source Productivity software that has empowered businesses and enabled them to achieve more by prioritizing the tasks and making effective decisions to boost their productivity and sales with the assistance of productivity software.


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OpenProject is an open-source powerful software used for boosting the productivity within companies and is designed in a way to engage in complex tasks and projects that handles the whole project cycle seamlessly with providing data and reports to view the different stages involved. The user can highlight the important tasks and prioritize accordingly to enhance productivity.

The superlative feature incorporated in this software are as follows, Agile Methodologies, Alerts/Notifications Percent-Complete Tracking Progress Tracking Project Time Tracking Time & Expense Tracking, Project Tracking, Project Workflow, Project Accounting, Project Management, Project Planning, Project Planning/Scheduling, Assignment Management, Milestone Tracking, Mobile Access feature, Budget Management and Incident Reporting, Budget Tracking & Job Costing, Drag & Drop feature, Due Date Tracking, Email Management, Contractor Management, and many more.

Get started now for Free at https://www.openproject.org/


Productive is another fascinating software for boosting one’s overall productivity along with monitoring, gauging the insights to optimize the tasks to enhance the results. This software has multiple functionalities and features that handle complex tasks and streamlines seamlessly.

This software consists of powerful tools such as Project Time Tracking, Project Tracking Reporting/Project Tracking Time Tracking Traditional Methodologies Project Accounting, Project Management, Project Planning, Project Planning, and Scheduling, Utilization Reporting, Vacation and Leave Tracking, Time Tracking by Client, Time Tracking by Project, Timesheet Management, Resource Allocation & Planning, Resource Management, Resource Scheduling, Projections, Proposal Generation, Quotes & Estimates, and the list go on.

Get started for Free now at https://productive.io/


Trello is another intuitive productivity software that comes with a complete suite of tools that boosts business in today’s competitive market. Teams can easily collaborate working remotely on tasks, build projects, track their progress, and can easily contribute to achieving essential business goals.

This impressive software comprises features that streamline the tasks and get the job done effectively. The features included are as follows, Activity Dashboard, Client Management, Cost-to-Completion Tracking, Email Management, File Transfer, Financial Management, Email Marketing, Email-to-Task Conversion, Employee Activity Monitoring, Create Subtasks, Customizable Dashboard, Customizable Fields, Client Portal, Collaboration Tools, Activity Tracking, Billing & Invoicing, Budget Management, Activity and News Feed, Goal Setting / Tracking, and many more powerful tools down the list.

Get started now by Signing Up at https://trello.com/signup


Hubstaff is best for streamlining the tasks and projects which empowers the workforce to stay on the same page and provides maximum input effectively by prioritizing and taking timely decisions while tracking the progress. It gives an idea to the managers of all the teams, their performance, and their progress on assigned activities.

The features included in the software are Attendance Tracking, Automatic Time Capture, Billable & Non-Billable Hours, Activity Tracking, Calendar Management, Client Management, Employee Database, Employee Management, Employee Scheduling, Employee Time Tracking, Geographic Maps, Geolocation, Historical Reporting, Idle Time Monitoring, Location Tracking, Mobile Access, Mobile Time Tracking, Overtime Calculation, Productivity Analysis, Project Time Tracking, Sick Leave Tracking, Third-Party Integrations capabilities, Workstation Tracking, and the list goes on.

Get started with the demo now at https://hubstaff.com/demo#requestDemo_dialog

Libre Office

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LibreOffice is another yet amazing software built with a powerful suite of applications to empower businesses, government sectors, etc. to create a positive change in the organization while achieving the most with the help of the intuitive tools.

The software assists in optimizing multiple complex tasks by providing a clear image that can be used as leverage as a competitive element. It consists of various features such as Document Capture ability, Document Classification, Document Generation, Document Management, Document Storage facility, File Conversion, and management ability, File Sharing feature, multi-Language feature, complete office suite, and many more down the list.

Get started by downloading now at https://www.libreoffice.org/download/download/

Closing Remarks

In this article, we have mentioned the best powerful software that enhances the results of companies by boosting the input level on an individual basis that secures maximum productivity. With the assistance of these discussed platforms which are OpenProject, Productive, Trello, Hubstaff, and Libre Office, the companies have acquired a competitive edge in beating the odds in the cutthroat competition. The mentioned platforms consist of intuitive and robust software that comprises features that aid in getting the most out of the resources that optimize the results in producing more.


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