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Best 6 Free and Open-Source Emergency Notification Software

Best 6 Free and Open-Source Emergency Notification Software

Planning is the most crucial step in any task of the project, and it must always contain a contingency plan or emergency plan as one simply doesn’t want to get cornered in such a situation. It is better to be prepared for tough situations that might involve multiple stakeholders and might have a way to minimize the intensity of the impact or rectify it. In such cases, alerts and notifications are communicated to prevent any danger, and handling it appropriately requires skill and can be challenging as well. However, the process of notifying the stakeholders during a tough and in case of emergency can be made effective and easy with the help and usage of emergency notification software solutions. These super-intuitive software solutions assist in broadcasting messages and alerts quickly and can even inform about any upcoming calamity. The use of such emergency notification software enables the users to communicate with each other on anticipating danger, during a crisis either on an individual level or even through masses including text, email, phone, sirens, television, etc. It comes in handy in situations where a large group is needed to be alerted or informed quickly and efficiently timely. These powerful tools are competitive enough to gauge and detect danger or extreme weather conditions and automatically broadcasts warnings to the stakeholders. As it involves public safety and critical business failures, therefore, companies invest in these platforms that come with reliability and speed. The usage of this emergency notification software is vast as it is used in Government organizations, healthcare, education sectors, manufacturing sectors, etc. and all these areas require speed, a user-friendly interface, ease of broadcasting alerts to masses, mobile access, reporting, and analysis tool to gauge the severity of the situation, and many more. All these functions are required at some point to ensure safety and security. Here, in this article, we have elaborated best 6 free and open-source emergency notification software solutions that tactfully assist companies and organizations to ensure the security and safety of data and stakeholders prior to dangers and disasters.

Alert Media

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Alert Media is a powerful emergency notification multi-channel platform that is also supported by companion mobile apps. It is designed predominantly for deployment by companies and different crucial sectors that require safety communication with employees and stakeholders.

The important features incorporated in this tool are as follows, Real-Time Monitoring, Real-Time Notifications, Real-Time Reporting, Real-Time Chat, Real-time Updates, Reminders, Reporting & Statistics, Incident Reporting, Interaction Tracking, Knowledge Management, Live Chat, Location Tracking, Mass Notifications, Meeting Management, Mobile Access, Mobile Alerts, Email Management, Email Templates, Email Tracking, Employee Database, Employee Directory, Activity Dashboard, Activity Tracking, Activity and News Feed, Alerts & Escalation, Alerts & Notifications, Audio & Video Conferencing, Audit Trail, Automated Scheduling, Campaign Analytics, Campaign Scheduling, Campaign Segmentation, Campus Notifications, and many more.

Get started now for Free https://www.alertmedia.com/try-it-free/


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RedFlag is by PocketStop which is a mass emergency notification tool for companies and organizations of all sizes which enable users to trigger notifications across various channels and platforms in case of emergency alerts, internal communications, or staffing notices. It becomes convenient to engage the masses from a single source.

The super-intuitive features included in this software are as follows, Engagement Tracking, Event-Triggered Actions, Interaction Tracking, Live Chat, Mass Notifications, Mobile Access, Mobile Alerts, Multi-Channel Communication, Multi-Language, Multi-Language Alerts, Real-Time Notifications, Real-Time Reporting, Real-Time Chat, Real-time Updates, Reporting & Statistics, Risk Alerts, Role-Based Permissions, SMS Messaging, Scheduling, Transcripts, and Chat History, Two-Way Communication, User Management, Third-Party Integrations capability, and the list goes on.

Get started now with a demo https://pocketstop.com/request-a-demo/


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DeskAlerts is a super intuitive and market-competitive emergency notification platform that enables the users to broadcast alerts on both, individual basis and masses which blocks the screen of desktop and mobile phones until the message is read to ensure safety and security of the employees, teams, and stakeholders. Businesses and organizations can conveniently create seamless and secure workflows by integrating with the software with SSO and API integration capabilities.

This powerful tool comprises of features such as Activity dashboard & News Feed, Alerts and Escalation, Alerts & Notifications, Automated Scheduling, Call Center Management, Device Targeting, Digital Signage, Email Alerts, Email Management, Geolocation, Geotargeting, Mobile Alerts, Multi-Channel Communication, Newsletter Management, Notification Scheduling, Remote Access/Control, Reporting & Statistics, Reporting and Analytics, SMS Messaging, Third-Party Integrations capability, Visual Notifications, and many more down the list.

Get started with a demo https://www.alert-software.com/on-line-demo?hsCtaTracking=479ea2a5-f191-4d28-9531-c149bba220f4%7Cc719cb17-2af6-48ab-92c4-85974342e7bf


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Klaxon is a powerful incident, emergency notification, and communication management software that guides businesses and organizations to take timely actions by alerting them prior to dangers and disasters involving teams, stakeholders from a single source. It becomes easy, and accurate with speed to notify masses on short notice regarding potential calamity.

The features incorporated in this software are as follows, Access Controls & Permissions, Activity Dashboard, Alerts & Escalation, Alerts and Notifications, Audit Management, Audit Trail, Campus Notifications, Communication Management, IT Incident Management, Incident Management, Incident Reporting, Interaction Tracking, Mass Notifications, Mobile Access, Safety Incident Management, Scheduling, Secure Data Storage, Single Sign-On, Status Tracking, Third-Party Integrations, Two-Way Communication facility, and many more.

Get started now with a demo https://www.klaxon.io/schedule-demo?hsCtaTracking=0483ad91-af9f-4d4c-bb36-9e9f56860461%7C45163e31-e0db-4c4c-8a77-7b58e80e5a52


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Omnigo is an amazing incident notification tool that assists companies and businesses in identifying safety issues, and hotspots throughout the business to ensure the safety and security of the employees, teams, and relevant stakeholders. This tool guides in streamlining reporting processes and produces a wealth of stats and reports for businesses and organizations.

The features incorporated in this software are as follows, Incident Management, Incident Mapping, Real-Time Data, Registration Management, Role-Based Permissions, Safety Incident Management, Scheduling, Security Management, Visitor Management, Visitor Tracking, Summary Reports, Employee Management, Evidence Management, Field Reporting, Criminal Database, Customizable Reports, Data Import/Export, Data Management, Data Visualization, Dispatch Management, Alerts & Notifications, Archiving & Retention, Audit Management, Badge Management, Access Controls & Permissions, and the list goes on.

Get started now with a demo https://www.omnigo.com/demo?hsLang=en


Squadcast is a fascinating emergency notifier that helps companies to safeguard their data and employees before disasters and danger. With the help of a single source, stakeholders are notified along the way with different channels like emails, calls, text messages, etc.

The software includes features such as Activity Dashboard, Alerts & Escalation, Alerts and Notifications, Collaboration Tools, Communications Management, Compliance Management, Contact Management, IT Incident Management, IT Reporting, Incident Management, Incident Reporting, Investigation Management, Issue Auditing, Issue Scheduling, Scenario Planning, Search & Filter, Single Sign-On, Status Tracking, Tagging features, Third-Party Integrations, Timeline Management, Two-Way Communication feature, and many more down the list.

Get started now for Free https://app.squadcast.com/register

Closing Remarks

In this article, we have discussed the 6 best, free, and open-source emergency notification software that empowers companies and guides them in ensuring the security and safety of their employees, teams, and relevant stakeholders. The mentioned platforms are Alert Media, RedFlag, DeskAlerts, Klaxon, Omnigo, and Squadcast respectively. These software solutions notify the companies and organizations before the potential danger, disaster, or calamity while ensuring the safety of all originating from a single source to multi-channels speedily and conveniently. Companies invest in such tools which guides them through tough conditions and challenges to survive in the long run ensuring the profits and safety of their people.

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