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The Best 4 Free and Open-Source Website Builder Software

The Best 4 Free and Open Source Website Builder Software

“Credibility and Authenticity” comes first when it comes to purchasing and buying. Companies set a whole lot of budgets for being digitally present and to stay ahead in the game. The more a brand is accessible to the customers and consumers the more there are chances for higher conversion and profits. In today’s world, it is of utmost importance to have a digital presence, whether that be through social media or website, as it seems professional as well and lets companies connect with the customers more frequently in B2B or B2C business models. A website that has a friendly interface, is beautifully designed, and is convenient to use plays a vital role in terms of business and increases the value of that company. Customer engagement and website traffic exponentially increase by having a high-end website and boosting it via several different digital marketing strategies. Initially, only the website professional designers and programmers used to write heavy codes and add multiple texts, images, and other technical functionalities to make a website presentable and running. Whereas, nowadays, it has become way more convenient and accessible to build websites available with different layouts, templates, social management capabilities, embedded videos, themes, and whatnot and doesn’t require to have a technical educational background. Businesses treat it as an investment to build websites as it is another powerful platform to engage with the audience and gather data through reports and insights about their target audience to offer their services and products according to requirements and website traffic behaviors and choices. It becomes the best and right choice for the businesses and companies to invest in website builder software as it reduces the costs of hiring technical and programming teams, with having professional templates and designs one can choose according to their product and services, it even becomes easy to make it mobile-friendly to grasp a higher volume of visitors. Selling becomes faster and convenient if the e-commerce features are added. Here, in this article, we have discussed the best 4 free, open-source website builder software that assists companies and organizations in capturing massive attention and higher conversions because of the super features of the software that boosts profitability and growth.


Web.com is a powerful and market-competitive open-source software that assists and empowers companies and brands to design eye-catchy and engaging websites with user-friendly interfaces and easy-to-use design tools. It consists of a wide range of templates that one can use according to the products and services and a stock image library that enhances the user experience with edit options as well. It comes with a package of a free domain name with unlimited email and web storage capacity that adds value to companies and organizations.

The fascinating features included in this software are Access Controls/Permissions, Activity Dashboard, Activity Monitoring, Activity Tracking, Alerts/Notifications, Customizable Branding, Customizable Fields, Customizable Forms, Online Store Builder, Real-Time Monitoring, Real-Time Notifications, Real-Time Reporting, SEO Management, SSL Security, Third Party Integrations, Threat Response, Website Analytics, Website Management, eCommerce Management, and many more down the list.

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Squarespace is another open-source website builder software with all the essential tools and features in one place you fulfill the business needs. It helps the companies and brands to gather insights and data via using tools like SEO which enhances the website traffic and educates brands more about their website traffic and target audience. The more data one has the more they stay ahead in the game and provide better products and services to the customers after using the intuitive and analytical tools and features of this software.

The core features are as follows, API, Access Controls/Permissions, Accounting Integration, Activity Dashboard, Activity Tracking, Alerts/Notifications, Audio File Management, CAN SPAM Compliance, CRM, Cataloging/Categorization, Contact Management, Content Management, Content Publishing Options, Conversion Tracking, Data Security, Data Synchronization, Design Management, Discount Management, Reporting/Analytics, Reviews Management, Role-Based Permissions, SEO Management, SSL Security, Search/Filter, Third-Party Integrations, Time on Site Tracking, User Interaction Tracking, Video Management, Video Support, Visitor Tracking, Website Analytics, Website Management, Workflow Management, eCommerce Management, and many more.

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Weebly is an amazing website developer software that requires no technical knowledge or programming, and businesses can easily build websites in a few easy steps. With the presence of various templates, in-depth analytical tools, a clearer, and bigger picture can be viewed and taken opportunity from the insights to alter marketing strategy according to generated reports and analytics. It lets the user create the website the way they imagine. It gives a sense of authority and credibility while having a fabulous website and digital presence to the end-users.

The software consists of some powerful and competitive features such as Website Management, eCommerce Management, Inventory Tracking, Landing Pages/Web Forms, Multi-Channel Marketing, Multi-Store, Multimedia Support, Online Booking Tools, Online Store Builder, Order Management, Order Processing, Post Management, Pre-built Templates, Promotions Management, Real-Time Notifications, Reporting & Statistics, Reporting/Analytics, Returns Management, Reviews Management, SEO Management, SSL Security, Search/Filter, Shopping Cart, Templates, Text Editing, Third-Party Integrations, Visitor Tracking, Content Management, Credit Card Processing, and the list goes on.

Get started now by Signing up https://squareup.com/signup?app=weebly&country_code=pk&return_to=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.weebly.com%2Fapp%2Ffront-door%2Flogin%2Fsquare%3Fsso_intent%3Dsignup&v=weebly-sso&weebly_sso_enabled=true

Go Sitebuilder

Go Sitebuilder is another powerful website builder software that provides domain name and up to five unique email addresses and consists of all the practical tools and elements to set up a professional website to attract massive website traffic. Companies invest in such software as it supports them to connect with the audience in the right and the best way that further helps and guides the companies about the different categories of their website traffic. Brands fully utilize the opportunity to transform the audience to brand evangelists with a higher conversion rate resulting in greater revenue and growth.

The core features included in this software are Widgets, eCommerce Management, Reporting/Analytics, SEO Management, SSL Security, Search/Filter, Shipping Management, Shopping Cart, Social Media Integration, Templates, Third-Party Integrations, Product Catalog, Promotions Management, Online Store Builder, Order Management, Landing Pages/Web Forms, Media Library, Mobile Access, Multi-Currency facility, Customizable Forms, Customizable Templates, Customization, Data Security, and many more down the list.

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Closing Remarks

In this article, we have summarized and discussed the best, free, and open-source website builder software that empowers and assists companies, brands, and organizations to enhance their digital presence in highly captivating manner. It has helped companies reduce costs, save time, and increase productivity with the help of the in-depth analytical tools and insights that provide a competitive edge to grasp and attract more attention to the website traffic. Choosing the right tools and software boosts the overall productivity of companies, ensuring higher revenue and exponential growth. The discussed platforms are Web.com, SquareSpace, Weebly, and Go Sitebuilder respectively. The mentioned software is loaded with enhanced features along with a user-friendly interface and is best for companies’ professional and business needs.

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