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Best 5 Free and Open-Source Gym Management Software

Best 5 Free and Open-Source Gym Management Software

Getting started with your gym, acquiring its basic types of equipment, and maintaining it, always comes along with various challenges. The external factors also affect the business as well for instance the competitors, or the consumer demands however, the operational tasks must be taken into serious consideration which consists of marketing, customer services, billing and payments, and other numerous activities. If these tasks are not met efficiently it will lead to great chaos in the business. Gym owners are bombarded with multiple challenges from time to time just like any other business. It is necessary to take appropriate and timely decisions and smart moves to satisfy the customers and implement strategies to retain them, so it grows. Hiring the right trainers is of utmost importance so they can always come in handy for the members for their goal achievement or any workout plan. Gym businesses need to come up with a creative set of ideas to implement for grabbing the right set of audience to generate higher conversions and revenue for the business. Management of the bookings and payment collection, if not processed in the right way, then the credibility and reputation will shatter for sure if not handled properly. Therefore, some superlative, intuitive gym software solutions assist gym owners, yoga studio owners to have a complete check and balance on the entire process. It guides them through the financial planning and analysis with a unique set of reports which represents the exact numbers whether paying the employees, trainer, maintaining the gym equipment, overheads, etc. The gym management software empowers the business and integrates all the processes automatically making it convenient for the owners to track down and maintain the enrolled members and their details, it helps in assisting members as well to punch in and out timings. The software automates the task of managing different training programs and sessions like aerobics, cross-training, etc. within the gym. It supports payment and subscription methods seamlessly and many more features that help the gym businesses. Here, in this, we have listed the best 5 free and open-source gym management software that empowers gym businesses to achieve their routine achievements seamlessly while satisfying consumer goals and engaging with new target markets while retaining the current ones.


Glofox is an amazing gym management software that assists gym owners and management to streamline the daily complex and exhausting tasks while maintaining uniformity and providing better services to the members, consumers, and stakeholders. It helps in tracking payment records, member history, employees’ track records, and more.

The superlative features incorporated in this software are as follows, Application Management, Appointment Management, Attendance Management, Customer Database, Customer History, Instructor Management, Inventory Management, Invoice Management, Member Types, Membership Management, Social Media Integration, Staff Management, Student Management, Task Scheduling, Membership Renewals, Mobile Access, Mobile Alerts, Reporting/Analytics, Customizable Branding, Attendance Tracking, Client Management, Client Portal, Communication Management, Automated Scheduling, Availability Indicator, Availability Management, Billing & Invoicing, Booking Management, Calendar Management, and many more down the list.

Get started by requesting a demo https://www.glofox.com/


Exercise.com is yet another fitness and gym management software platform that includes the complete package which the gym business requires. It guides in managing the entire programs and sessions like personal training, wellness center, and more. Business reports can also be generated to view the business achievement and revenues.

The fascinating features included in this software are Access Controls/Permissions, Activities Booking, Activity Dashboard, Activity Tracking, Alerts/Notifications, Application Management, Credit Card Processing, Employee Management, Employee Portal, Fitness Assessments, Fitness Plan, Goal Setting / Tracking, Employee Scheduling, Enrollments/Onboarding, Health Monitoring, Health Risk Assessment, Hybrid Trainer, In-person Trainer, Reporting & Statistics, Third-Party Integrations capabilities, Customer Accounts, Customer Database, Appointment Management, Appointment Scheduling, Assessment Management, Billing & Invoicing, Booking Management, Calendar/Reminder System, and the list go on.

Gets started with a demo at https://go.exercise.com/contact-info/


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TeamUp is a super-intuitive fitness training software that is designed to eliminate the complexities involved in running a gym business and to streamline all the tasks involved to provide the best services to the members and stakeholders while having complete control of the system.

The amazing, intuitive features embedded in this software are Appointment Management, Appointment Scheduling, Attendance Management, Attendance Tracking, Automated Scheduling, Capacity Management, Credit Card Processing, Email Marketing, Email Reminders, In-person Trainer, Instructor Management, Reporting & Statistics, Inventory Management, Invoice Management, Self-Check-in /Check-out, Self Service Portal, Social Media Integration, Staff Management, Customer Accounts, Customer Database, Certification Tracking, Check-in/Check-out, Class Management, Belt Ranking Classification, Billing & Invoicing, Booking Management, Third-Party Integrations, Transaction History, and the list go on.

Get started now for Free https://goteamup.com/signup/


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bsport is a powerful platform to uplift a gym business starting from scratch and standing out in the competitive market. It empowers the business in taking control of the daily and routine tasks, managing different training sessions and programs with a variety of super-friendly features.

The super-amazing features that this platform consists of are Visitor Management, Team Management, Template Management, Social Media Integration, Online Booking, Online Payments, Member Database, Check-in/Check-out, Class Management, Class Scheduling, Member Directory, Member Management, Employee Management, Enrollments/Onboarding, Event Calendar, Member Portal, Member Types, Membership Management, Membership Renewals, Mobile Access, Online Registration, Staff Management, Student Management, Recurring billing, Subscription Billing, Registration Management, Reminders, Reporting & Statistics, Task Scheduling, Third-Party Integrations capabilities, and many more.

Get started with a demo now at https://calendly.com/bsport-english/demo?month=2022-01

PT Distinction

PT Distinction is a training and gym management software that assists gym owners to deliver the best services in terms of services and members’ fitness goal achievements. The platform helps in tracking the journey of members with their progress along with reports.

The software consists of a complete package of amazing features such as Appointment Scheduling, Assessment Management, Fitness Assessments, Nutrition Program, Real-Time Reporting, Recurring and Subscription Billing, Reporting & Statistics, Sports Coaching, Third-Party Integrations, Website Integration, eCommerce Management, Fitness Plan, Goal Setting / Tracking, Attendance Management, Attendance Tracking, Client Profiles, Hybrid Trainer, In-person Trainer, Credit Card Processing, Customer Database, Automated Scheduling, Billing & Invoicing, Calendar Management, and the list goes on.

Get started for Free at https://www.ptdistinction.com/join.php

Closing Remarks

We have shortlisted the best 5 free and open-source gym management software solutions in this article that empowers and uplifts gym businesses with all the powerful tools and features embedded in the software along with streamlining the daily and routine tasks to deliver the best services to the gym members and stakeholders. The discussed platforms are Glofox, Exercise.com, TeamUp, bsport, and PT Distinction. A complete monitoring features and reports the business can take efficient decisions to build their market presence and stand out in the cutthroat market to provide the right and best services ensuring a relevant target audience and generating higher revenues.

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