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How to Install Duplicity on CentOS 8

How to Install Duplicity on CentOS 8

Duplicity is a freely available backup software that offers you to create an encrypted and digitally signed backup of your system’s files for ensuring their authenticity.  It is a cross-platform backup tool creates the complete backup of the desired files and then maintains subsequent backups. You can recover the incremental backup of your data from the desired point that was taken using the duplicity software. Duplicity tool is used to keep track of all versions of data backup. It creates backups in both ways either remotely or locally.

We will study in this tutorial, how to install this free backup tool duplicity on CentOS 8 Linux distribution using the command line.

Installation of duplicity on CentOS 8

By following the below-mentioned steps, duplicity can easily install on CentOS 8 system:

Step 1: Enable power tools repository

Some prerequisites are required to install duplicity software on CentOS 8. Therefore, enable the power tools repository and install the python library on your system by using the below-mentioned command:

$ sudo dnf --enablerepo=PowerTools install python3-httplib2

Step 2: Install and enable epel repository

In this step, enable and enable the latest epel-release on your system by executing the below-given command in the terminal window:

$ sudo yum install epel-release

Step 3: Add python library

Add the python3-py drive wrapper library to your system. This library is used to solve the google drive API tasks. Install it by running the below-given command:

$ sudo yum install python3-PyDrive

Step 4: Install duplicity on CentOS 8

Once the installation of all required packages is completed on CentOS 8 system, install the duplicity backup tool by running the below-given command:

$ sudo yum install duplicity

Confirm the installation of all packages by typing the ‘y’ key and then press ‘Enter’.

After running the above command, all necessary packages and dependencies will automatically install on your system.

Step 5: Check installed duplicity version

Once the installation of the backup tool ‘duplicity’, see the details about the installed software by using the below-mentioned command:

$ rpm -qi duplicity

If you want to display only the installed version then, use the following command:

$ duplicity --version

Remove or uninstall duplicity from CentOS 8

The Linux user can easily uninstall duplicity from CentOS 8 by using the following simple command:

$ sudo yum remove duplicity

Press ‘y’ and then hit ‘Enter’ to uninstall this software from your system.


We have installed the free backup software duplicity on the CentOS 8 system in this article. By following this article, you can easily install Duplicity on CentOS 8 distribution. Moreover, using the above guidelines, you will be able to maintain your critical data backups and prevent data loss. Furthermore, this backup tool can easily be removed from your system by using just a single command.

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