Is Debian Good for Servers?

Is Debian good for server

Debian is a Linux distribution and an open-source operating system. It is one of the earliest Linux kernel-based operating systems. Debian has been developed by approximately one thousand programmers that joined together from all across the world to work on this single project. It was developed for a wide range of modern devices like laptops, smartphones, and desktops.

In server-based networking, there must also be a good operating system for the server to perform its operations correctly and serve the other peers or computers connected to it efficiently. The question is, since Debian has been used in multiple modern devices, is it good for the servers?

Can Debian be Used With Servers?

Debian has been very popular because of its major feature which is “stability”. So, Debian is considered to be very good for servers because of the efficiency and stability it provides its users. Debian lacks some features that the other operating system has but it has been used for servers over the years by a vast number of computer experts for its stability. So, its pros dominate over its cons.

People mostly compare Debian with Ubuntu because them being two of the most popular Linux-based operating systems. Amongst the two, Debian has earned the reputation of being more user-friendly and stable. So, it can be concluded that Debian is undoubtedly very good to be used with servers.

Facts That Make Debian Ideal for Servers

As stated earlier Debian is an ideal choice for servers mainly because of its stability, the following are some more facts and features of Debian that make it highly compatible with servers:

  • Debian is the most user-friendly Linux-based open-source operating system so the server-based operations are easy to be performed using Debian.
  • It provides a vast list of packaging. It provides almost fifty thousand useful packages that keep a broad range of capabilities.
  • Moreover, it supports a wide range of computer architectures, for instance, amd-64, intel 64, and arm 64.
  • One of the main reasons for Debian being very reliable for the server is that it has been extensively tested and bug-fixed before its launch.
  • Debian upgrades with a gap of almost two to three years. There is no lag or error in the older Debian version. It runs very efficiently over a longer period of time, unlike the majority of the other operating systems.

This concludes that Debian is highly compatible with servers.

The Bottom Line

Debian is an open-source Linux-based operating system that is very popular and widely used with different modern devices all across the world. It has been considered an ideal choice to be used with servers because of its highly scalable nature, compatibility with numerous architectures, bug-free nature, user-friendly interfaces, and vast list of useful packages.

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