Install Bomber on Linux Mint 20

Bomber on linux mint 20


Bomber is a fun-filled arcade game designed for a single player. In this game, the player is supposed to invade several buildings by bombing them while hovering over them in a plane. As soon as the player progresses in this game, the speed of the plane, as well as the height of the buildings, keep increasing hence adding more to the difficulty level of the game. Today, we will learn the process of installing the Bomber game on a Linux Mint 20 system.

The Procedure of Installing Bomber on Linux Mint 20:

For installing the Bomber game on a Linux Mint 20 machine, you will need to follow the procedure explained in the following steps:

Step # 1: Installing Bomber on the Linux Mint 20 System:

You have to install the Bomber game on your system through the Snap Store by running the command shown below:

$ sudo snap install bomber

Once all the required snaps for the Bomber game will be installed on your system, you will be able to see its version on the terminal as shown in the following image:

Step # 2: Launching the Bomber Game on Linux Mint 20:

After installing the Bomber game on a Linux Mint 20 system, you can launch it from the terminal by hitting the Enter key after typing the command given below:

$ bomber

The starting interface of the Bomber game is shown in the following image. You just need to click on this window for once in order to start playing this game.

The Command for Uninstalling Bomber from Linux Mint 20:

If you wish to uninstall the Bomber game at any time from your system, then you will need to execute the command shown below:

$ sudo snap remove bomber


This article was mainly about the installation of the Bomber game on a Linux Mint 20 system. After installing this game on your system, you can enjoy it in your free time or even for relaxing after a hectic work schedule.

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