How to Install Elinks on Ubuntu 20.04

How to Install Elinks on Ubuntu 20.04


How amazing it would be if you surf the internet merely on a terminal. It is indeed exciting then why not learn how to install a browser in the terminal. There are several browsers available to use in terminals, but I picked elinks for you today because of its fabulous performance. I will show you how to install elinks on your Ubuntu 20.04 LTS machine.

Step 1. Installing Elinks

Elinks package is available in Ubuntu repositories. It is not only easier but also the best way to install a package from the main repositories of a distribution. Apply the command below to begin the installation

$ sudo apt install elinks

Once installed you will be able to run the browser from the terminal.

Step 2. Run the browser

Now we have installed the browser, we are reading to run the following command and see if it all goes well.

$ elinks

Once the connection is established, you will notice the following screen on your terminal. Your terminal will change into a browser. It will be fully functional and render all of the text of a website.

Here is how it will look like.

Step 3. Address Bar

When elinks starts then it starts with an address bar in the middle. We will simply enter a website into it and hit enter to go to the specific URL as shown below. In case you do not want to surf the internet immediately you can always cancel it.

Step 4. Surf the Web

We will enter a website and hit enter to begin surfing the web. On the next screen, you can see how it looks like while we access Google.

In this next screenshot, I will show you how Gmail looks like in elinks browser while running it in the terminal.

Step 5. Removing the Elinks

It is simple to remove elinks browser. You will need to use the standard apt command to remove it from your system as shown below.

$ sudo apt remove elinks

It will look like something below once removed. Simple that!


In this guide, we observed how to install, run, and remove Elinks browser on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Elinks runs in the terminal. Not only it saves bandwidth but also consumes a few system resources. On a server where resources are always constrained, elinks can be the best choice to access the web.

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