How to install Ruby bundle in Ubuntu?

How to Install Ruby Bundler in Ubuntu

The Ruby Bundler streamlines the installation process of Gem Packages. It is an additional layer on top of the RubyGems and ensures the dependencies of both the system and the gem package before installing a Gem Package. It matches the compatible version of Gem with the Ubuntu System which helps in avoiding any dependency issues.

This article discusses the installation process of Ruby Bundler in Ubuntu.

How to Install the Ruby Bundle in Ubuntu?

The Ruby Bundler can easily be installed from the official repository of RubyGems using the Terminal. The following steps explain the installation process of Ruby Bundler in detail.

Step 1: Open Terminal

To open the Terminal, open the “Show Applications” menu by clicking on the “Applications Menu” icon on the Home Screen:

The Applications Menu will Open and you will see the Search Box at the Top of the Menu. In the search box, type “terminal”. The Terminal Application will appear:

Click on the Icon to open Terminal:

Instead of going to the Applications Menu and then searching for Terminal, you can fire up the Terminal using the “ctrl+alt+t” shortcut key as well:

Step 2: Update Existing Packages

Before installing Ruby in Ubuntu, ensure that the existing packages in your Ubuntu System are up to date. Update your existing packages using the Command:

sudo apt-get update

Once the packages are updated, upgrade them using the “upgrade” command:

sudo apt-get upgrade

Wait for the packages to upgrade:

Step 3: Install Ruby

After updating your Ubuntu System Packages, install Ruby first by using the “apt-get” command:

sudo apt-get install ruby ruby-dev

Wait for the ruby packages to download and install:

Step 4: Set Up Bundler

To install the Ruby Bundler, the “gem” command is used as Bundler is a Gem to Bundle up Gems in Ubuntu. Install the Ruby Bundler using the Command:

sudo gem install bundler

Once the installation is completed, the terminal will inform about the Gem being installed:

Bonus Step: Remove Ruby

Ruby Bundler can be removed once you do not require any more need for it using the command:

sudo apt remove ruby

While removing, it will ask for confirmation. Enter “Y” to continue with the removal process:


Ruby Bundler is installed from the terminal using the “gem” installation command by updating the existing packages first and then installing Ruby with the “apt install ruby ruby-dev” command. This article explained the installation method for Ruby Bundler in Ubuntu.


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