How to Install Tree Line on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Edition

How to Install Tree Line on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Edition


When it comes to managing data, we need a suitable application. There are dozens of applications to make your data safe. What I am going to introduce you to is an amazing data management application for Linux users. This will help you to organize your data in whatever way you want to. If you are running a dozen of servers and want to keep the billing problems aside at one place, Tree Line will save you.

Tree Line is a smart application for Linux users to keep their data consistent. You can use HTML, XML, JSON, URLs, even rich text formats are supported. I am going to use the application on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS edition. Step by step, you will learn how to install and make use of the Tree Line on your Ubuntu system.

Dependency Requirements For Tree Line

No dependency is required altogether.

Step 1. Install Tree Line Data Organizer on Ubuntu LTS

Update the system using the following command first.

$ sudo apt update

Once updated, you will use the following command to make the way for Tree Line to your disk.

$ sudo apt install treeline

Tree Line is not installed. Let us explore it.

Step 2. Locate Tree Line Installation

I always perform a version inquiry via terminal. This makes sure that the application exists on the system. Here is how you should do it as well.

$ treeline --version

You can also use an alternate method to find out the installed program. It is your dashboard. See how it would look like if you inquire.

Step 3. Access Tree Line Database Organizer

Here we will see how to launch the application. You can do it via both the command-line and dashboard menu. Invoke the following command from the terminal to run the application on your Ubuntu system.

$ treeline

System dashboard is my favorite way to launch the application. Here is how it would look like when it will run for the first time.

Step 4. Uninstall Tree Line From Ubuntu 20.04

Now we will move to the uninstallation of Tree Line using our command line. You will need the following command to remove Tree Line from your Ubuntu system. The command will make a clean uninstallation.

$ sudo apt remove treeline


Tree Line is a versatile piece of software. It helps system admins to keep track of their data using various formats.

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