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10 Best Linux Mint Alternative

10 Best Linux Mint Alternative

Linux Mint is a popular Linux distribution that has gained a large following over the years. It is recognized for being easy to use, reliable, and offering various customization choices. However, many users wonder: is there anything better than Mint?

As a matter of fact, there are several distros that offer similar features to Mint, even more with some added benefits.

Within this article, we will examine more closely at some of the best Linux Mint alternatives that we have discovered. Compare them and see if they are any better!

10 Best Linux Mint Alternatives

As we explored other Linux distributions, it was found that some have features that outshine Mint’s, such as faster boot times, greater customization options, and higher compatibility with hardware. Check out the brief overview below:

1: Windows 11

Windows 11, Microsoft’s latest operating system, offers a modern interface, improved performance, and features, making it a great alternative to Linux Mint. While Linux Mint is free, open-source, and more secure, Windows 11’s wider use means it has better software support and compatibility. You can acquire more about the features here.

2: Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a widely used open-source operating system based on the Linux kernel that offers a free and user-friendly alternative to commercial operating systems. It has a large and active community that provides support and software updates, and its Debian-based package management system and software repositories are similar to those of Linux Mint. However, Ubuntu has a larger software repository and supports a wider range of hardware, making it a better choice for some users.

3: Manjaro Linux

Manjaro Linux is a rolling release Linux distribution based on Arch Linux that offers a user-friendly interface and the latest software updates. Its Pacman package manager makes it easier to manage software packages, and its strong community of users and developers provides ample support.

As an alternative to Linux Mint, Manjaro’s rolling release model provides a more up-to-date experience, and its focus on ease of use and access to the latest software versions make it even better.

4: Debian

Debian, a stable and secure operating system, is a popular and reliable alternative to Linux Mint, especially for power users and developers who prioritize flexibility and customization options. With a vast software repository and a large community of volunteers, Debian offers robustness and reliability, while Linux Mint is known for its user-friendliness and ease of use, making it a great choice for beginners.

You can catch more data about the recently released latest version by clicking here.

5: Arch Linux

Arch Linux is a lightweight and customizable Linux distribution designed for experienced users. It features the Pacman package manager, which allows easy installation, updating, and management of software packages.

Arch Linux’s rolling release model provides the latest updates (Current Release: 2023.03.01), making it an excellent alternative to Linux Mint for those who want greater control over their system. However, it requires more technical knowledge and expertise compared to other distributions.

6: CentOS

CentOS is a reliable and stable Linux distribution based on the source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). It offers long-term support for up to 10 years, making it ideal for servers and mission-critical systems. While Linux Mint is a user-friendly desktop-oriented distribution, CentOS is better suited for enterprise and server use cases.

7: Fedora

Fedora, developed by the Fedora Project and sponsored by Red Hat, is a popular Linux distribution known for its innovative and cutting-edge technology. While it may not be as user-friendly as Linux Mint, Fedora’s focus on security and adoption of new features make it a great alternative for developers, system administrators, and tech enthusiasts looking for a reliable and secure operating system.

8: Manjaro

Manjaro is an open-source Linux distribution based on Arch Linux that offers easy installation, excellent hardware detection, and a rolling release model that keeps it constantly up-to-date with the latest software packages and security patches.

With a variety of customizable desktop environments to choose from, including XFCE, KDE Plasma, GNOME, and more, Manjaro is a powerful and user-friendly alternative to Linux Mint that provides users with a more up-to-date and customizable Linux experience.

9: Zorin OS

Zorin OS is a Linux distribution that offers a user-friendly interface resembling Windows, making it a great alternative to Linux Mint for users new to Linux. It comes with pre-installed software such as LibreOffice, GIMP, and Firefox, providing a complete desktop experience out of the box. Users have a lot of flexibility to customize their desktop with themes, icons, and fonts to make it their own.

10: PsychOS

PsychOS is a Linux-based operating system that offers a user-friendly interface similar to classic Windows operating systems. It emphasizes privacy and security, including built-in encryption tools and Tor support.

PsychOS also includes a software management system and pre-installed applications like LibreOffice and GIMP. For users seeking a Windows-like experience with the benefits of a Linux operating system, PsychOS is a strong contender as one of the best alternatives to Linux Mint.


While Linux Mint is undoubtedly a great operating system, there are other options out there that could be considered even better depending on one’s needs and preferences. For example, if someone values a minimalist design and performance above all else, they may prefer Arch Linux. Similarly, if someone wants an operating system that is specifically designed for ease of use, one can opt for Ubuntu.


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