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Linux Mint vs Pop!_OS: detailed comparison as of 2023

Linux Mint vs Pop!_OS detailed comparison as of 2023

Linux Mint and Pop!_OS shine as prominent illustrations of innovation and user-focused design within the realm of open-source Linux operating systems. While both derive from the same open-source Linux kernel, they offer distinct experiences catered to different user bases and computing needs. Therefore, understanding the distinguishing features and characteristics of these systems is paramount for any individual or organization making an informed decision on which to use.

As you read further, you will get to know what these two operating systems are all about and will also go through a detailed comparison as of 2023.

What is Linux Mint?

Originating as an Ubuntu-based distribution, Linux Mint has gained popularity for its ‘ready to use out-of-the-box’ approach. This distribution provides a full-fledged experience from the get-go, inclusive of browser plugins, media codecs, DVD playback support, Java, and several other components. Furthermore, it adds an exclusive touch through its personalized desktop and menus, diverse set of unique configuration tools, and a web-based interface for package installation.

What is Pop!_OS?

Pop!_OS is a derivative of Ubuntu, developed by the company System76. This free and open-source distribution is designed to provide a clutter-free desktop environment, enabling the user to focus entirely on their work. It embraces minimalism and efficiency, making it an appealing choice for productivity-focused individuals.

Detailed Comparison as of 2023

1: User Interface

Linux Mint provides users with a conventional desktop environment, featuring a start menu and taskbar reminiscent of the familiar Windows interface. The interface, known as Cinnamon, is highly customizable and easy to navigate, making it a favorite among those coming from a Windows background.

Pop!_OS embraces a GNOME-based desktop environment’s streamlined and contemporary aesthetics. The focus lies in enhancing productivity, with features like the ‘Activities’ overview and ‘Auto-Tiling’ that aid users in effectively managing their workflows.

2: Performance

One notable characteristic of Linux Mint is its lightweight architecture, which sets it apart. It consumes fewer resources, making it an excellent fit for older hardware or systems with limited capabilities. From quick boot times to smooth operation, Linux Mint provides a fast and responsive user experience.

Pop!_OS is tuned for performance. While it may demand more resources than Linux Mint, it shines when paired with modern hardware. The Auto-Tiling feature and Workspaces contribute to maintaining an organized and productive environment, especially on systems with ample resources.

3: Customizability

The high degree of customizability sets Linux Mint apart. It grants users control over virtually every aspect of the desktop environment. Whether it’s tweaking the aesthetics of the interface or altering the behavior of window controls, Linux Mint allows you to make the system your own.

While Pop!_OS may not offer the same extent of customizability as Linux Mint, it still presents sufficient options to cater to personalization needs. With an array of themes and extensions, users can readily modify the system’s appearance to their liking.

4: Software Support and Availability

Linux Mint comes with a rich software store known as the Software Manager. It’s well-stocked with both free and commercial applications. It supports .deb and Flatpak formats, providing access to a vast range of software.

Pop!_OS uses Pop_Shop, a specially curated software store developed by System76. Much like Linux Mint, it supports .deb and Flatpak formats. Additionally, Pop!_OS incorporates firmware updates into the system settings, making for a seamless user experience.

5: Community and Support

Linux Mint benefits from the support of a thriving and engaged community. This invaluable asset, coupled with extensive online documentation, ensures that users receive assistance when encountering any issues, fostering a sense of reliability and support.

While the community surrounding Pop!_OS might be smaller than Linux Mint, it is highly active and continually expanding. Besides, System76 provides professional support to Pop!_OS users, further enriching the ecosystem around this distribution.

6: Security

Linux Mint adopts a balanced approach to security. It incorporates a robust firewall, and updates are managed via the Update Manager, aiding users in maintaining an equilibrium between stability and security.

Pop!_OS lays significant emphasis on security. The entire OS can be encrypted during installation for added security. Furthermore, its minimalistic design approach reduces potential attack vectors, bolstering its security posture.


Linux Mint and Pop!_OS offer distinct approaches to open-source operating systems in 2023. Linux Mint provides a user-friendly and stable environment, while Pop!_OS caters to developers with its performance-oriented features. While both distributions receive robust community support, the decision between them ultimately relies on individual preferences and specific requirements.

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