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Best 5 Free and Open-Source Email Marketing Software Tools


“E-mail” is one of the most popular elements in the world of digital marketing. It is one of the best ways to cater to the masses and touch and grasp the attention of potential leads that showed interest in some way or left the website page or even left before purchasing a specific product or service. Similarly, it is also a powerful medium between businesses and customers in the digital world. Customers often divert and use emails to communicate regarding potential queries and issues about services and products. Even for business organizations and companies, it is convenient to market their product and services to their existing customer base and ensure to utilize optimum facilities via email marketing. Customers tend to incline to the social media platforms of the respective companies however the professional and primary point of contact remains through email. Companies easily target their audiences according to their preferences, age, gender, demographics, and more as the segmentation brings much better results and growth to the companies. Therefore, companies invest in such market competitive email marketing software solutions that intelligently achieve the desired results and performances. These email marketing tools consist of features and specifications that boost sales, engagement, and customer conversions by going through their pain points and concerns. Here, in this article, we have discussed the best 5 E-mail marketing software solutions that empower businesses and companies to generate more leads, and covert them by providing the right and best services to their customers while retaining the existing ones.


GetResponse is a fascinating tool for email marketing with email intelligence capabilities that are designed for tracking, gauging, and analyzing in real-time and ensuring maximum customer conversion while retaining and engaging the old ones with the company’s services and products.

The software comprises of markets competitive and superlative features such as Email Distribution, Email Management, Email Marketing, Email Templates, Email Tracking, Engagement Tracking, Event-Triggered Actions, Mailing List Management, Marketing Automation, Media Library, Mobile Optimized Emails, Multi-Campaign, Multi-Channel Marketing, SEO Management, SSL Security, Segmentation, Social Media Integration, Spam Blocker, Third-Party Integrations, Visitor Tracking, Visual Analytics, Access Controls/Permissions, Activity Dashboard, Activity Tracking, Alerts/Notifications, Analytics & ROI (Return on Investment) Tracking, and many more down the list.

Get started now by Signing up for Free https://www.getresponse.com/start-free


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DirectIQ is an amazing email marketing tool that helps in boosting sales through generating new leads to customers while retaining the current ones. Management can easily communicate with their teams and subordinates and comment in real-time on tasks and projects for maximum delivery and target completion.

This email marketing software comprises of fascinating features like Landing Pages & Web Forms, List Management, Mailing List Management, Mobile Optimized Emails, Dynamic Content creation functionality, Email Campaign Management, AB Testing, API capabilities, Activity Dashboard, Activity Tracking, CAN SPAM Compliance, and many more down the list.

Start for Free now by Signing Up https://app.directiq.com/identity/signup/start


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MailChimp has performed an indispensable role by empowering businesses with tailored, customized, and automated email marketing choices. It has supported organizations to build, implement, and examine email campaigns with superlative and analytical features to grasp the attention of the masses via email marketing and other powerful tools. Businesses can also control their email subscribers, track emails, gain new customers and retain the current ones with products and services according to customers’ requirements and desires along with quantifying results in terms of email open rate and click-through rate.

The options and features incorporated in this software are powerful as it helps you create email campaigns followed by transparency in tracking and analyzing, easily can be integrated with other applications such as Spotify and other web services. It helps you identify the results of the set campaigns and guide you by segmenting your target audience based on geographical locations and other preferences.

To get started sign up now at https://login.mailchimp.com/signup/


Mautic is yet another email marketing software solution for companies that need to reach the masses and convey their existence and provide services and products to their potential leads and existing customers and keep them engaged for maximum growth and new customer conversions.

The features incorporated in this software are Engagement Tracking, Event-Triggered Actions, Landing Pages/Web Forms, Mobile Access Monitoring, Multi-Campaign, Multi-Channel Marketing, Email Marketing, Customer Segmentation, Conversion Tracking, Campaign Analytics, Activity Dashboard, Visual Analytics, Third-Party Integration, and the list goes on.


BlueMail is a powerful tool for a collaborative email platform that consists of amazing features with empowering companies and organizations for messaging and alignment of the entire team and their potential leads and existing customers. This software allows teams and employees to generate bulk emails and has the capacity and capabilities to comment and view in real-time.

The powerful features embedded in this software are as follows, Email Management, Email Monitoring, Calendar Management, Chat & Messaging, Collaboration Tools, Commenting & Notes options, Communication Management, Email Tracking, Reporting & Statistics, Shared Inboxes, Workflow Management, Inbox Management, and the list goes on.

Start now by downloading from https://bluemail.me/

Closing Remarks

We have summarized the most powerful, analytical, and superlative along with being market competitive email marketing software tools that are GetResponse, DirectIQ, MailChimp, Mautic, and BlueMail respectively. These mentioned platforms empower and enable the business organizations to tap in masses according to their target audience, and conveniently target them, again and again, to increase traffic on their website and checkout after purchasing the products and services. It saves time and reduces human errors along with ensuring maximum customer conversions and retaining the current ones by providing services according to their desires to boost sales and growth of the company.

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