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Best 5 Free and Open-Source Organizational Chart Software


Companies and organizations always set their visions and goals along with they ensure that their talented employees align with them. However, some companies fail in fulfilling their goals just because of the lack of crystal clear and faultless organizational charts. A perfectly designed organizational chart that depicts a clear picture of the flow and the reporting lines of the entire company or organization ensures the elimination of communication gaps and accomplishes streamlined processes that eventually result in massive productivity and growth. Most companies consider an organizational chart to be an essential element as it provides clear information about the flow and eliminates the confusion between the top management and the subordinates. These organizational structures always come in handy as it facilitates enabling every team member to ensure productivity as the entire system is streamlined, easy, and convenient to get in touch with their line managers and management without creating any hassle or confusion. Companies invest in such software platforms that assist in streamlining processes and creating a comprehensive organizational chart that defines workflows as well. These powerful and fascinating tools not only help in preparing the organizational structures and charts but also enables users to optimize productivity and minimize human efforts and errors required for gathering information and entering information into the system without hassle. These superlative platforms can also be integrated with numerous human resource and payroll systems therefore, they can also fetch the desired information automatically and create the latest organizational structure substantial for business decision making and analysis. In any business organization, the process of new recruitments, promotions, resignations, changes in responsibilities, and job roles are unavoidable thus, it becomes effective and efficient if one utilizes the features and tools of these software solutions that provide ease, accuracy and eliminates extensive human efforts and errors. Companies benefits in various forms by using these organizational structure solutions, for instance, it saves time and extensive human energy, it ensures accuracy as it can also be integrated with third-party applications, it also helps the higher management in-depth analysis as it provides a clear picture of each employee through which they can make effective decisions and more. Here, in this article, we have elaborated best 5 free and open-source organizational chart software solutions that assist businesses and organizations in their workflows and empowers each employee of the company to ensure productivity along with being in touch with the higher authority and line manager without any confusion and helps them take timely business decisions.


Organimi is a fascinating organizational structure software that empowers and assists companies create, maintaining, and sharing organizational workflows and charts. It helps companies to plan for the future, mobilize sales, and improve internal communication. It helps in eliminating the confusion among the team members and helps them stay focused.

The fascinating features incorporated in this software are as follows Employee Database, Employee Management, Employee Onboarding, Employee Photos, Employee Profiles, Interactive Elements, Org Chart Creation, Organizational Charting, Publishing /Sharing facility, Reporting & Statistics, Customizable Templates, Contact Management, Customizable Fields, Customizable Reports, Access Controls/Permissions, Charting, Third-Party Integrations capabilities, Smart Chart Legend, Social Media Integration, Succession Planning, Training Management, and the list goes on.

Get started for Free now at https://app.organimi.com/register


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OrgChart is yet another software with superlative features and tools that helps companies store team and employee information comprehensively with easy to import/export data, role-based access, and drag-and-drop tools.

The features included in this powerful software are as follows Employee Management, Employee Photos, Employee Profiles, HR Management, Interactive Elements, Org Chart Creation, Organizational Charting, Publishing / Sharing, Reporting & Statistics, Self Service Portal, Succession Planning, Template Management, Applicant Tracking, Charting, Collaboration Tools, Customizable Templates, Data Import/Export, Data Visualization, Document Storage, Drag & Drop, and many more down the list.

Get started now with a demo https://www.orgchartpro.com/


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Creately is a powerful organizational chart software that is easy to use visual collaboration which helps teams around the globe to communicate more effectively with streamlining the processes and tasks. Business organizations can easily invite teams, vendors, and customers to securely review, update and comment regarding business or technical diagrams.

The powerful features embedded in this software are Flowchart, Freehand Sketch, Gantt/Timeline View, Graphical Data Presentation, Graphical Workflow Editor, Interactive Elements, Mind Maps, Mockup Creation, Organizational Charting, Process Change Tracking, Process Modeling & Designing, Project Workflow, Publishing / Sharing, Strategic Planning, Task Management, Version Control, Whiteboard, Wireframe Creation, Workflow Management, Data Import, Data Export, Data Linking, Brainstorming, Charting, Collaboration Tools, and the list goes on.

Get started now for Free https://creately.com/register/


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Gliffy is a fascinating tool that makes it easy to communicate among the team members and employees to collaborate for brainstorming ideas and getting easily in touch with the line managers for ensuring productivity and making timely effective decisions.

The features and tools included in this software are as follows Network Diagram, Organizational Charting, Mind Maps, Mockup Creation, File Sharing, Flowchart, Drag & Drop feature, Drag & Drop Editor, Diagramming, Data Import, Data Export, Collaboration Tools, API capability, Wireframe Creation, and many more.

Start now for Free at https://www.gliffy.com/free-trial


LucidChart is yet another fascinating open-source organizational chart software that assists higher management to work seamlessly in a streamlined procedure and create diagrams, workflows, organizational charts, wireframes, and faster and conveniently.

This open-source software consists of some fascinating features like Gantt/Timeline View, Graphical Data Presentation, Graphical Workflow Editor, Historical Reporting, Image Library, Interactive Elements, Mind Maps, Mobile Interface, Network Diagram, Organizational Charting feature, Presentation Tools, Process Change Tracking, Process Modeling & Designing, Communication Management, Customizable Templates, Data Import, Data Export, Data Linking, capabilities Data Visualization, Design Management, Desktop Interface, Diagramming, Access, and Controls, and the list goes on.

Start now for Free https://lucid.app/pricing/lucidchart?utm_source=google&anonId=%5C%220.bb8ad49916465291e08%5C%22&gclid=Cj0KCQiAt8WOBhDbARIsANQLp97JiQqDSwJbfRXQY3ABITQFJe3xdG1fl128oIwPloomAdD51YMFynMaAjIEEALw_wcB&sessionDate=2022-01-02T21%3A57%3A27.937Z&sessionId=0.2de5ba2517e1ccc2500&utm_medium=cpc#/pricing

Closing Remarks

We have discussed the platforms that help and empowers business organizations to streamline their processes and tasks ensuring productivity with the help of the generation of organizational structures and charts through which the team members conveniently get in touch with their line managers and higher management to accomplish goals while being aligned with the company’s vision. The mentioned software platforms are Organimi, OrgChart, Creately, Gliffy, and LucidChart respectively. These software solutions comprise superlative and powerful features and tools that aid companies and organizations in streamlining their organizational chart that helps the entire workforce to conveniently communicate and collaborate with the respective teams without hassle and confusion to ensure higher productivity and completion of tasks and projects timely.

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