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Best 4 Free and Open-Source Production Scheduling Software


Manufacturing, production, and procurement are the most crucial aspects for companies and businesses for catering to the masses. Nowadays, production has witnessed demands from customers and end-users that vary between product mixes to just-in-time (JIT) delivery of goods. The complete process of producing goods has become tough especially because of the overabundance of product mixes the business has to deliver on. Such complex and systematic execution of production keeps on growing as a challenge to companies therefore, companies and business organizations invest in product scheduling software solutions that come in handy in such situations. The key reason for the goods to be delivered to a vendor, client, customer, or an end-user in time ensuring without defects, is the use of such powerful production scheduling software tools and their techniques. It becomes impossible to survive in the world of “production and manufacturing” in the absence of production scheduling systems and tools. During the technological evolutions over the last two decades, such software solutions have become the backbone for manufacturing and production businesses. Companies invest in such powerful, market competitive, and super-intuitive production scheduling tools that assist in planning, procurement, scheduling, and controlling of the manufacturing process via efficient allocation of resources like machinery, raw materials, workforce. These software platforms empower companies and automate the processes and provide a master schedule with a complete plan for key resources to optimize on raw materials to be manufactured into the final product with effectiveness. Here, in this article, we have discussed the best 4 free and open-source production scheduling software solutions that benefit companies in terms of efficiency at a higher rate of productivity, it enables companies in generating a higher revenue as it helps in making timely business decisions. Similarly, it helps in lowering costs by guiding the accurate allocation of resources, it aids in managing the entire inventory and results in higher sales as it provides enough data and information in ways that optimize outputs and profits in all sectors.


FishBowl is a market-leading and competitive production scheduling software that is designed entirely for inventory management and manufacturing scheduling. It also helps in managing the supply issues and challenges and provides effective data to optimize ways to ensure maximum and timely production and deliveries for delighted customers and consumers. It comprises features and tools that enhance the production, execution effectively. Companies can have real-time control and monitoring of the entire inventory and lead according to the existing data and real-time analysis.

The features incorporated in this software are as follows, Access Controls/Permissions, Asset Tracking, Backorder Management, Barcode/Ticket Scanning, Barcode Printing, Barcoding/RFID, Barrel Management, Billing & Invoicing, Bills of Material, Demand Forecasting, Document Management, Employee Management, Import/Export Management, Inventory Auditing, Inventory Control, Inventory Management, Inventory Optimization, Inventory Replenishment, Order Fulfillment, Order Management, Order Processing, Order Tracking, Performance Metrics, Point of Sale (POS), Product Identification, Production Scheduling, Production Tracking, and the list goes on.

Start with a demo now at https://www.fishbowlinventory.com/demo


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Axelor is a production and business management suite that is designed to help business organizations and production sectors to automate and streamline their planning, scheduling, and production processes in an effective manner ensuring a higher rate of productivity.

The super-intuitive features and specs included in this software are Business Process Control, Customizable Fields, Customizable Forms, Customizable Reports, Customizable Templates, Data Import, and Data Export, Document Management, Document Storage, Drag & Drop, Email Management, Financial Management, Forecasting, Forms Management, General Ledger, Graphical Workflow Editor, HR Management, Integrated Business Operations, Inventory Management, Inventory Tracking, Invoice Management, Invoice Processing, Process Change Tracking, Process Modeling & Designing, Project Management, and many more down the list.

Start now by downloading from https://axelor.com/downloads/

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is yet another software that is typically designed to assists businesses to automate and digitize their operations without the hassle and ensures effectiveness and efficiency. It comprises strong features that optimize the entire scheduling process.

The market competitive features included in this software are Integrations Management, Inventory Management, Inventory Tracking, Investigation Management, Invoice Management, Iteration Management, Knowledge Management, Lead Management, Lease Tracking, Lifecycle Management, Maintenance Management, Maintenance Scheduling, Order Entry, Order Management, Order Processing, Order Tracking, Performance Analysis, Performance Metrics, Performance Monitoring, Real-Time Reporting, Real-time Updates, Reminders, Reporting & Statistics, Requirements Management, Requisition Management, Returns Management, and the list goes on.

Start now by signing up at https://www.zoho.com/creator/


QuickBase is a market-leading production software that comes in handy for businesses in the production and manufacturing sectors that streamlines the processes and automates the entire planning, procurement, and productions with a clear plan to generate more in an optimized manner.

This software consists of features such as Procurement Management, Product Identification, Project Management, Project Planning & Scheduling, Project Templates, Project Time Tracking, Project Tracking, Projections, Purchase Order Management, Purchasing & Receiving, Quality Management, Quotes/Estimates, RFI & Submittals, Real-Time Data, Real-Time Reporting, Real-Time Synchronization, Reporting/Analytics, Reporting & Project Tracking, Third-Party Integrations, Time & Expense Tracking, Time Off Management, Timesheet Management, Demand Forecasting, Deployment Management, Depreciation Management, Dispatch Management, Document Coding & Control, Document Generation, and more down the list.

Start for Free now at https://www.quickbase.com/trial-register?regType=new

Closing Remarks

We have mentioned the best 4 free and open-source production scheduling software solutions that are FishBowl, Alexor, Zoho Creator, and QuickBase respectively. It becomes an asset for companies to use these powerful tools that assist and empower their entire manufacturing and production business in terms of providing intelligent data and information regarding increasing outputs and productivity that results in timely deliveries to customers, generation of higher revenues, lowering of costs, energy and saves time. It has become the backbone for such businesses during the cutthroat competition as it helps in standing out in the market. It further assists in growing into a much larger production company which creates a strong image in the minds of vendors and customers ensuring credibility and a concrete presence in the evolving market.

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