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How to Enable Java on Google Chrome

How to Enable Java on Google Chrome


At times, it happens that the browser version that you are running does not support Java. Because of this, it gets impossible to run those web pages that are written in Java or contain Java applets. However, Google Chrome allows you to enable Java on it manually. In this guide, we will walk you through the method of enabling Java on Google Chrome.

Steps for Enabling Java on Google Chrome:

If you wish to enable Java on Google Chrome for accessing the web pages that contain Java applets, then you will have to follow the steps explained below:

Step # 1: Access the Extensions of Google Chrome:

First, you need to visit the Settings navigation drawer of Google Chrome and from there, you need to select the Extensions option.

Step # 2: Launch the Chrome Web Store:

Then, in the Extensions window of Google Chrome, you need to select the Open Chrome Web Store tab from its navigation drawer as highlighted in the following image:

Step # 3: Add the CheerpJ Applet Runner Extension to Google Chrome:

From the Chrome Web Store’s search bar, you need to search for the CheerpJ Applet Runner extension and click on the highlighted search result.

Then, you need to click on the CheerpJ Applet Runner extension’s link as shown in the image below:

After that, you need to click on the Add to Chrome button located besides the extension’s name for adding the CheerpJ Applet Runner to Google Chrome.

You will be asked to confirm this action by clicking on the Add extension button.

Once the CheerpJ Applet Runner extension will be added to Google Chrome successfully, you will receive the following message on your browser.

After adding this extension to Google Chrome, Java will be automatically enabled on your browser and you will be able to run all those web pages without any difficulty that contain Java applets.


This guide discussed the method of enabling Java on Google Chrome. It basically revolved around adding an extension to the Google Chrome browser that supports Java. By adding this extension to your browser, you will no longer face any difficulty in running the web pages containing Java applets on Google Chrome.

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