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Top Five Visual Studio Code Extensions for Linux Users

Top Five Visual Studio Code Extensions for Linux Users


Visual studio code is the most popular text editor and integrated development environment these days. There are tons of extensions to customize the editor compared to any other available text editor. I am going to share the best and top extensions for you to customize your Linux experience.

Extension One – Linux Desktop File Support

This extension is an awesome entry in the VS Code catalogue. It does a marvelous job in reading .desktop files. It highlights the files just like gedit. The extension could highlight [X-GNOME-Metatheme] and it’s keys. The extension has a great support for theme index files as well.

Anyone working directly with Desktop files should have this extension installed.

Source code of extension is available on Github. https://github.com/nico-castell/desktop-file-support/releases

Extension Two – Embedded Linux Kernel Dev

Our second extension does not have many reviews, but our decision to choose it as top second extension got something secret.

The best thing about this extension is to read .config files, which is rare in many other extensions. Extension also shows a nice device tree automatically depending on how embedded devices are compatible with each other. In addition to above, extension supports C, Konfig, and defconfig.

The extensions are available here to be downloaded: https://github.com/microhobby/linuxkerneldev

Extension Three – GlassIt Linux

This extension delivers some nice flow for your work on Linux. Simply install it from the extension catalogue. It is the only windows transparency extension for VS Code. This is not the only reason I selected it. It mimics standard Linux window managers such as Gnome.

With this extension, users can enjoy a better opacity in VS Code. If you are not using a particular window manager then the extension will help you to enjoy something you miss about that display manager.

Extension source and release file are available to download from: https://github.com/Fmstrat/glassit-linux

Extension Four – Linux Dev Extension Pack

This is not just a single extension. It is a fantastic bundle of multiple extensions. It keeps track of the updates of all those extensions. I highly recommend installation of this extension.

The compiled extension along with source code is available on Github. https://github.com/rohit04saluja/linux-dev-extension-pack

Extension Five – Linux Themes for VS Code

Without themes this list won’t be complete. If you are fond of Linux themes in your editor then this extension will help you the best. You can choose a variety of themes for your editor like Arc, Adapta, and Gnome themes. These themes not only make the development process faster because of a consistent environment but also make an appealing visual effect for your productivity.

The source code is available on Github https://github.com/SolarLiner/vscode-arc-theme and related release files can also be found on the given link.


In this guide, we examined a variety of extensions for Linux users. We curated some exceptional extensions which really work for productivity and personalization of your Linux environment. These extensions are not resource heavy and have a better performance.


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