Install Tilix Terminal Emulator in Ubuntu

Install Tilix Terminal Emulator in Ubuntu

Tilix used GTK+ 3 widget toolkit to create a tiling terminal emulator for Linux distribution. Initially, it was known as Terminix but later changed to Tilix. Tilix terminal emulator is similar to our regular terminal but has features like.

  • Can be drag and drop to arrange the terminal within or between windows.
  • Splittable terminal layout both vertically and horizontally.
  • Terminal with transparent background as well as custom title support.
  • Using a drag and drop terminal can be detached to a new window.
  • Supports notifications when processes are completed out of view.
  • Save and load a group of terminals from the disk.

In this article, we will use 2 different ways to install tilix terminal in ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Installing Using GUI Ubuntu Store

You can install the tilix terminal in the ubuntu software store. To install the tilix go to the application menu then, search for Ubuntu Software and open it.

Ubuntu Software Store.

Now, in the application store click on the search icon and search tilix. You can find the application similar to below then, click on it.

Search for tilix in ubuntu software.

Then, you can see the following interface along with an install button and description of the application just like below. Now, click on install.

Tilix application view.

The following interface can be viewed once the installation completes.

Tilix after installation.

Now, you can browse the tilix from the application menu.

Tilix in the application menu.

When you open tilix you can see the following terminal on your screen.

Installing Using Package Manager

Now, you can find the official package of tilix in the ubuntu package repository. To install run.

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install titlix -y

Once installation is complete you can browse tilix from the application menu.

As you can see in the following example we can run regular commands in the tilix terminal.


Tilix may be more advanced than our regular terminal with more advanced features. In this article, we discuss tilix features and different ways to install them. May this article help you to know more about the tilix.

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