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Top 4 Free and Open-Source Data Entry Software

In this age, data is known to be the driver or a highly responsible part of the world’s machine. Without data, no system can effectively work and produce optimal performance. Data entry software is one of the few software solutions that are highly demanded and are being designed by computer scientists, and field experts every other day. Every organization, business, or any new venture needs data and its analysis to make better decisions and ensure optimal output. Acquiring, managing, and safekeeping this data is a job that, if performed manually, can require, and consume long and infinite hours of tedious work. To eliminate the need for the manual interruption, data entry software was designed and developed. This software help acquires information about the data via electronic forms, which are then translated into more complicated machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms which identify data, structure the data, and safeguard it in an appropriate format. The data entry software can also be seamlessly integrated with the enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to acquire the data automatically and store it in the database in a structured form so it can be later used for better analysis and gathering various insights. In this article, we provide a list of the free and open-source data entry software that works best with all the leading operating systems.

Form Tools

Form Tools is a free and open-source data entry software that functions over the web. Form Tools is compatible with all the leading web browsers and so can work on all the leading operating systems as well. The efficient data entry tool comes equipped with powerful and flexible features and functionalities. The web-based data entry solution efficiently creates, manages, and extract useful information and data from forms and other unstructured data in the system. Form Tools can be used by any individual and does not require programming or computer science experts to operate, as the user interface supported is quite simple and straightforward. The features and capabilities incorporated in the solution include data visualization user interface, efficient form builder, report builder, data management, plug n ’play module, custom fields, visualize and export, ability to create new forms, seamless API (Application Programming Interface) integration capability, customizable user accounts, an efficient data visualization module that seamlessly and most efficiently exports user data without any loss or manipulation which can be used in other applications as per the requirement as well, the list of enhanced features hence goes on.

Get it now from https://formtools.org/download/


DKAN is a free and open-source data entry software that allows users an interactive platform for consuming, publishing, analyzing, and draw insights from structured data. The tool is highly flexible and offers a seamless user experience to its users. Users can get their hands on the amazing and enhanced features and capabilities that come incorporated into the solution. The list of functionalities includes the platform’s ability to automatically collect, utilize, and allow data sharing, API-first architecture, decoupled front-end, data cleansing capability, open data platform, features for image extraction, schema-centered, unstructured data handling, management and extraction capability, web scraping and crawling functionality, disparate data collection abilities, efficient and most active community that constantly adds-in to the feature list of the software, and the list goes on.

Access the GitHub repository now from https://github.com/getdkan/dkan


CKAN is one of the most acquired and highly acclaimed data entry software around the globe. The free and open-source solution comes equipped with almost all the features that are necessary for a complete and perfect data entry software solution. CKAN offers influential data management capabilities that simplify the manual interaction for data entry, management, and handling tasks. CKAN capabilities and list of efficient data entry features include seamless data creation, publishing, sharing, employing, and searching data, easy data access, accessible to users, means to make data presentable and discoverable, geospatial features, extending guide, powerful RPC-style API, efficient, and accessible datastore, Federate-harvesting functionality, metadata storing capability, visualization tools, theme-based layout, search and discovery, publish and managing data capability, file store, etc.

Access the GitHub repository now from https://github.com/ckan/ckan


GADS stands for Generating Availability Data System is a free and open-source data entry software that allows seamless data collection capabilities. With GADS, users are able to report validated GADS performance data and event data in particular company-required formats. GADS is adopted across the globe by a list of organizations and companies. The advanced open-source data entry software supports equipment availability analyses and other decision-making processes in the business. The user interface of this software is available in both Spanish and English. The software has GADS data entry, GADS wind tools, and GADS analysis and reporting. The list of features includes the solutions’ ability to collect, and report validated data, separation/classification, data duplication, data transfer, data retrieval, variation detection, data entry verification, etc.

Get it now from https://gadsopensource.com/Downloads.aspx

Closing Remarks

The article summarizes the top 4 best free and open-source data entry software solutions that provide efficient data entry and management capabilities. Data entry, though a requirement of every organization, is rare if one requires it for free along with access to its source code. The listed data entry software solutions in the article are Form Tools, DKAN, CKAN, and GADS are all completely open-source and free for anyone to access thereby allowing immediate and most efficient access to its users. Many other free data entry tools are quite famous, such as Docparser, Kamisha soft, Moreapp, etc., however, the open-source software allow more grounds for enhanced features and plugins integrations that are initially not part of the original software and therefore are more configurable and adaptable to user requirements and needs.

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