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Top 5 Free and Open-Source Call Tracking Software

Top 5 Free and Open-Source Call Tracking Software

Customer services and support are a part of every business and an entrepreneurial venture. “Post-sale services” is a term that is not unknown to people of this age. After buying any product or acquiring a service, the customers expect the product and service owners to treat them the same way or better even as they were treating them before acquiring the services or products. Customer feedback is a thing that cannot be missed. In this age of social media, a couple of bad reviews or feedback can cause great damages to businesses. One thing that plays a significant role in engaging your customers and better answering their needs after-sales, is the Call Tracking software. If one can keep track and record of the calls made by their customers’ many matters are handled and resolved easily. Call tracking software solutions can also be adopted by call centers and marketing companies where these call tracking software solutions help identify which keywords work best to engage more customers and therefore enhance overall sales. Call tracking software solutions to provide CRM integration, call recording, call routing, campaign management, etc., features that help improve many businesses. In this article, we provide a list of the best free and open-source call tracking software solutions that are also cross-platform compatible.


Bitrix24 is one of the top free and open-source call tracking software companies that provide a list of enhanced tools. Bitrix24 specializes in providing streamlined collaboration solutions, CRM platforms, time and HR management tools, document and project management solutions, and the list goes on. The company aims at providing and ensuring optimized team collaborations and communications, website builder, real-time project, and task tracking, providing live chat support functionalities, etc. Bitrix24 is known across its users from around the globe as a solution ensuring prime call tracking and collaboration facilities provider. With Bitrix24, users can collaborate easily on social media platforms, get benefits from advanced features such as video conferencing, employee polls, lead management, the ability to generate invoice and sales reports, etc. The enhanced call tracking tool integrated comes equipped with efficient features such as a trustworthy business phone system, call routing, relay phone number providing a dialer ID, SIP phone and Softphone support, call queuing, bulk calling capabilities, etc.

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VICIdial.com is another feature-packed free and open-source call tracking software solution. VICIDial.com provides an extensive list of products and tools enabling users across the globe, these include VICIDial.com’s hosted call center services solution. The product utilizes the client’s dedicated server and provides a feature that ensures meeting any call centers’ requirements, high-end data encryption, audio soundbars, and scrubbing the phone number capabilities. Its other advanced features include authenticated SMB and enterprise hardware that can be utilized as a manual or an automated outbound phone dialer. With VICIDial.com, users can track and manage inbound, outbound, and blended calls, set up various marketing campaigns, make calls using efficient web-based screens, send pre-recorded messages to customers, capability to act as an ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) for inbound and front calls, drop-timer facility, etc.

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Sangoma FreePBX

Sangoma acquired FreePBX from Schmooze in 2015. FreePBX (Private Branch Exchange) is free and open-source and as quite evident from its name is an optimal call tracking software solution that runs most seamlessly on Linux operating system. FreePBX allows using any system or desktop platform to be utilized as an efficient business interaction tool which makes it one of the most convenient options. FreePBX is known across its users for its efficiency, flexibility, customizable IVR, automatic call distribution, call routing, voicemail, etc. features, scalability, high speed, etc. The efficient tool allows adding and integrating numerous other applications and tools such as CRM, custom emails, etc., thereby enhancing the platform’s capabilities. Sangoma FreePBX features an enhanced and most equipped active community that promptly responds and tends to query and issues and also enhances the capabilities of the platform. FreePBX can be used on all gateways, VoIP points, and IP phones.

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Welcome to OSDial

OSDial is a free, open-source, and cross-compatible platform for tracking calls. The software is highly popular and one of the most demanded call tracking software. Owing to its quality and seamless call tracking capabilities, the software is adopted in many organizations. Some of its key features and capabilities include its predictive dialer, commendable call quality, ability to integrate and add innumerable contacts, limitless user-configurable data entry forms, server flexibility, extensive and vast support from a 1024×768 screen, ability to select a number of seats according to user preferences and requirements, unmatched call dialers’ performance, Archive Server that allows seamlessly storing call recordings, copying and transferring files to remote areas or locations, simple and most accessible file formats, ability to generate countless marketing campaigns, lists, seats, etc., data exporting capabilities, and the list goes on.

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Voicetronix is a powerful, free, cross-platform compatible, and open-source call tracking software. The developers of the software do not only specialize in providing seamless and efficient call tracking software but are also known as the leading developers and providers of computer telephony hardware. is a free and open-source call tracking software and a leading developer of computer telephony hardware. Voicetronix comes equipped with a list of enhanced features and capabilities such as multi-channel analog voice logger, services provided for ensuring seamless legal services, financial broking, training, sales, etc., experiences, VTLogfer enables efficient handling of innumerable calls, ability to store recorded calls, features to enable or disable streaming live call information, a perfect call tracking solution for small to medium-sized organizations.

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Closing Remarks

The article summarizes the top free, open-source, and cross-platform compatible call tracking software solutions. The listed software, i.e., Bitrix24, VICIDial.com, OSDial, and Voicetronix, are all leading call tracking applications in the market. Many other solutions provide and ensure a seamless user experience, however, the combination of free, open-source, and cross-platform compatible software solutions along with exceptional features and capabilities does not come by so easily. The here discussed call tracking solutions ensure utmost user experience and user-friendliness.

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