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Top 7 Free SSL Certificate Services

Top 7 Free SSL Certificate Services

In this era of constant theft and mistrust, where one’s data is accessed and used by almost all the mobile applications installed in one’s phones, finding a secured way of browsing the internet is without a doubt, a challenging task. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security protocol that ensures a way of solving this problem by providing an encrypted link between the client and server machines. With SSL certificate services providers, all data that is transmitted and received on the client machine is made confidential. SSL certificate services are adopted by many across the globe, especially by the ones who are dealing with accessing and/or sharing financial data. People, who are scared of getting their personal information getting leaked on the web are ensured unmatched security by enabling SSL certification on their machines. There are many SSL certificate service providers out there, each offering a certain level of security against a certain cost. Of course, with more cost comes more enhanced security. However, in this article, we provide a list of the SSL certificate services providers that offer their services for free. And even with a no-cost SSL certification, the SSL certificate services providers discussed here provide a commendable level of security.

Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt tops our list of the best SSL certificate providers. The paradigm was a joint effort and product of Electronic Frontier Foundation, Mozilla Foundation, University of Michigan, Akamai Technologies, and Cisco Systems – all renowned for their best technological inventions.

Let’s Encrypt provides its users DV SSL certificates (no OV or EV here) that come absolutely free of cost. The paradigm offers certification for up to 90 days after which the certification must be renewed. The reason for the 90-day certification policy is that the founders aimed at developing a paradigm ensuring privacy and security of the World Wide Web and promoting HTTPS instead of HTTP.

The service comes free of cost for 90 days after which the certification must be renewed, that too free of cost.

Get started with the amazing SSL provider today from https://letsencrypt.org/getting-started/

SSL For Free

SSL For Free is quite similar to Let’s Encrypt. It is a nonprofit SSL certification authority that runs seamlessly on all major and renowned web browsers. With SSL For Free users first have to create one or numerous free SSL certificates that are issued by ZeroSSL. ZeroSSL offers their own ACME server like Let’s Encrypt and are compatible with a variety of ACME plug-ins.

SSL For Free offers enhanced World Wide Web security and privacy services. All the modern web browsers supporting Web Cryptography generate a private key with the help of enabled SSL For Free service. The incorporated Web Cryptography API allows the browser to never transmit the private key and thence ensure privacy and security. SSL for free provides a 90-day free subscription after which the subscription or certification must be renewed for another period of 90-days for free of any charge.

Get started with it now from https://www.sslforfree.com/


Founded by a privately owned company and entrepreneurs, Comodo is offering ultimate Web security and privacy services since 1998. Known as Comodo Security Solutions, Inc. the firm is currently located in New Jersey, United States, and was initially founded in the United Kingdom.

Comodo comes with a 90-day free trials option that provides free SSL certificates for 90 days. Comodo offered SSL certificate are compatible with all the major and renowned web browsers. A single certificate provides access to up to more than 100 domains. Comodo is specifically designed and offered for Microsoft Office servers and Microsoft Exchange. Comodo is renowned and also certified as a Best Seller of SSL certificates.

Get more details about different pricing packages from https://www.comodoca.com/


Founded in 2009, Cloudflare offers numerous services and products for a variety of paradigms such as for infrastructures, teams, developers, and services that are suitable for all. Cloudfare’s products make websites and overall World Wide Web experience more efficient, safer, and secured.

Cloudfare services are adopted by many renowned platforms such as Mozilla, Stack Overflow, Reddit, etc. Cloudfare provides its users a number of options to adapt to in terms of security. This depends on the user requirement and the level of security desired by a team, a person, or an organization for their web browsers. Users can either opt for a flexible SSL certification package or a full SSL certification package. Other than that, custom certification packages are also available. Cloudfare provides a free subscription and other paid subscriptions as well.

Get more details about the free and priced packages now from https://www.cloudflare.com/plans/


Offering the best SSL certification services and topping the list of many users and reviewers around the globe, HubSpot was released in 2006 and their office is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S. HubSpot offers a Content Management System (CMS) tool that allows users to seamlessly build their website applications using the platform, and at the same time ensure top-class security and privacy features.

With HubSpot’s CMS, users are allowed to secure their content and data with a standard and free SSL. Once a subscription is bought, the paradigm automatically and itself renews the subscription for 30 days before it expires and halts user operations. Starting with a free 14-day trial, the services can then be subscribed to different subscription packages on the site.

Get more details about different packages now from https://www.hubspot.com/pricing/marketing?products=marketing-hub-starter_1&term=annual


GeoTrust offers a full range of OV, DV, and EV SSL certificates. The paradigm offers an automated domain name validation services along with ensuring SSL certification services and eliminating user’s privacy and security concerns. GeoTrust is one of the most efficient, easy, and user-friendly SSL certificate services providers that offer the easiest installation and quick process of providing the SSL certificates. The platform is compatible with all the leading and renowned mobile and desktop web browsers.

Users can get their hands on the paradigm for free for up to 30 days, after which different subscription packages are offered depending upon the various user and/or system requirements.

Get more details about varying packages now from https://www.geotrust.com/tls-ssl/tls-ssl-certificates


Founded in 1997, GoDaddy is known for its great web security and domain-providing services throughout the globe. GoDaddy holds the label and crown for registering over 60 million domains. The platform offers a number of varying web security and privacy-related services including SSL certificates.

Giving a break to and promoting the open-source projects, GoDaddy offers such projects and such projects developers access to the free SSL certificate that is valid for up to one year. Other than that, the service offers a variety of different SSL certificate provision packages. These packages include Standard protection that offers protection for one website, UCC/SAN SSL that is applicable on multiple websites, and Wildcard SSL that protects all subdomains.

Get more details about different subscription packages offered now from https://pk.godaddy.com/web-security/ssl-certificate

Closing Remarks

The article gives a detailed review of the leading SSL certificate provision services in the market. Many SSL certificate providers offer brilliant security and privacy-related services but at a hefty cost. However, in this article, we discuss the SSL certificate providers that offer their World Wide Web protection services either for free or offer free trials so that users can acquaint themselves with the services to make the best decisions for their products, or their organizations. Let’s Encrypt and SSL For Free offer free SSL certification for all, whereas Comodo, Cloudfare, HubSpot, GeoTrust, and GoDaddy offer free trials varying between the free trial periods ranging from 14 days for up to 30 days.

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