How to Install Nautilus File Manager on Debian 12

How to Install Nautilus File Manager on Debian 12

Nautilus File Manager is used by GNOME Desktop as an official file manager. It also offers several themes and components that can be used to enhance the interactiveness of files and directories. Nautilus File Manager allows users to preview files, open applications and manage directories in Debian 12. The working of Nautilus is supported with the local as well as remote file systems.

The article demonstrates how you can install Nautilus File Manager on the Debian 12 Bookworm edition.

How to Install Nautilus File Manager on Debian 12?

Nautilus File Manager has an interactive interface that helps to navigate through the directories and open files. For installing Nautilus on Debian 12, use one of the following methods:

  • Method 1: Using apt Package Manager
  • Method 2: Using Aptitude Package Manager

Method 1: Using apt Package Manager to Install Nautilus File Manager

apt is a package manager tool that is used to install, update, and remove software and packages on Debian. The first method uses the apt package to install Nautilus.

Step 1: Update Libraries

Use the apt update command in order to update libraries of Debian:

$ apt update

Step 2: Install Nautilus

Use the following “apt-get” command to install Nautilus:

$ sudo apt-get -y install nautilus

Executing the above command will install the current version of the Nautilus file manager:

Step 3: Opening Nautilus From Terminal

After installing the Nautilus, open the Home directory window from the terminal by using the following command:

$ sudo nautilus

On successful execution of the above command, the Home directory window will automatically pop up as follows:

Method 2: Using Aptitude Package Manager to Install Nautilus File Manager

Aptitude package manager offers a command line as well as a text-based front end for the installation of different packages. Aptitude package is not part of the default packages of Debian. If we want to use this package, we have to install it first on Debian.

Step 1: Installing Aptitude package manager

To install the aptitude package manager on Debian, type the following command and hit the “ENTER” key:

# apt install aptitude

The following screenshot depicts that the stated command successfully installs the aptitude package manager:

Step 2: Install Nautilus

Once the aptitude package manager is successfully installed on your system, you can use it to install Nautilus:

$ sudo aptitude -y install nautilus

The latest version of Nautilus has been successfully installed:

How to Uninstall Nautilus File Manager on Debian 12?

Nautilus file manager can be uninstalled if you don’t want to use it anymore. For this purpose, type the following command:

$ sudo apt remove nautilus

The command will uninstall the Nautilus package from your system.

That’s all about installing and uninstalling the Nautilus file manager on Debian 12.


To install Nautilus on Debian 12, the apt and aptitude package managers can be used. Nautilus is a file manager used for many GNOME desktop Linux distributions. It provides an interactive GUI for managing directories and files. This article has explained two methods for installing Nautilus along with a practical demonstration.

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