How to Install 7-zip on Ubuntu 20.04

How to Install 7-zip on Ubuntu 20.04


When you move a large file or a large folder from one place to another, it is best to use compression tools to make this easier. One of the most popular software is 7-zip, this is software with a high compression ratio and does not win awards. It works on most operating systems and you can use it to extract files like 7z, zip, tar,…

And we will show you how to install 7-zip on Ubuntu 20.04 as you go through it below. Hope you understand.

Update the packages

Run the apt command:

$ sudo apt update


Then install p7zip-full package:

$ sudo apt install p7zip-full


Then you verify installed by:

$ 7z


Using 7-zip

We will try compressing some files by using 7-zip. Run ls -la:

$ ls -la


1. Using a option to archive or compress:

$ 7z a [compressed file] file

For example, I will compress 2 files: .profile and .bashrc into a file named demo.zip:

$ 7z a demo.zip .profile .bashrc


2. Using l option to show the detail of compressed file:

$ 7z l [compressed file]

For example:

$ 7z l demo.zip


3. Using e option to extract file:

$ 7z e [compressed file]

For example:

$ 7z e demo.zip



Hope you understood the tutorial on how to install 7-zip on Ubuntu 20.04.

Thanks for reading!

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