How to Install Falkon Browser on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

How to Install Falkon Browser on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS


You have heard of many browsers already. Most of the people use standard browsers like Firefox and Chrome. However, there is a browser that carries distinct features. Falkon is a lightweight browser with a clean code base and built on top of KDE stack. QT Web Engine powers Falkon browser’s user interface. The most amazing feature Falkon browser has its native ad-blocking feature. The ad-blocking plugin is enabled by default and does a great job to block all intrusive trackers and spywares.

I will walk you through in this tutorial to install Falkon browser on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Step 1. Install Falkon on Ubuntu

Falkon does not have any dependencies, therefore you would not need to worry about them. However, if you are not using KDE then you might find a larger download size on a different desktop environment.

First, try to update your Ubuntu 20.04 LTS repositories.

$ sudo apt update

Once updated then you are ready to run the following command to download an updated edition of Falkon browser and begin the installation.

$ sudo apt install -y falkon

Step 2. Confirm the Falkon Installation

Now I am going to see if it was successfully installed on my system or not. You should also perform the check. It does not hurt. Here is the command for you:

$ falkon --version

Step 3. Locate Falkon Browser

We verified that the browser is now successfully installed on our computer. I will now look at where it was installed. You can do it both from CLI and GUI. You will need to check the internet folder to check it.

Step 4. Launch Falkon

Now is the time to launch Falkon, and I will simply do it from the system dashboard as shown in the previous step.

Falkon starts with a blank page and does not show any external links.

Step 5. Remove Falkon Browser

Removing the Falkon browser is simple as we installed it from the Ubuntu repositories. If you downloaded Falkon from a different source, and it was still a .deb binary then you can safely remove it using the standard apt removal command as shown below.

$ sudo apt remove falkon


Falkon makes use of QT Web Engine and ensures that the users surf the internet safely. Falkon is the best addition to your browser stack for web development as well. It takes less memory and has a smaller footprint on disk storage.

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